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Living and Working in Spain: Is it Right For You?

Alex McCrudden our consultant managing the role
Published on 12 June 2024

Living in Spain is the dream for many Britons, with the nation hosting the largest group of UK citizens (310,000) in any European Union country. And while the nation’s unemployment rate has been one of the highest in Europe recently, the opportunities for contract workers remain abundant. And  Spain has made a remarkable economic recovery, becoming the single biggest contributor to eurozone growth. On top of this, Spain ranks in the top five destinations for expats worldwide, with a low cost of living and close vicinity to some of the most appealing destinations in the world.

Enjoy a Superior Quality of Life

The climate and quality of life are oft cited as the main reasons people move to Spain. Spain ranks well for housing, community, health, safety and work-life balance on the OECD’s Better Life Index, with a social, community-based outlook that sees leisure time and personal life valued alongside work.

In addition, the public schooling system in Spain is open to expatriates, with bilingual schooling options, the world’s tenth-best health system and a life expectancy that is predicted to be the longest in the world by 2040. The Mediterranean diet is renowned for being among the healthiest in the world, and the favourable climate and abundance of recreation activities make it easy to stay active. According to expats, it’s easy to settle into the family-oriented Spanish environment, which scores highly for peacefulness and personal safety.

Learn the Second-most Used Language in the World

It’s estimated that more than 500 million people speak Spanish as their first language, with an additional 100 million speaking the language fluently. This puts Spanish as the second language worldwide in terms of native speaker numbers. While you’ll typically not be required to be a Spanish speaker in order to take up a contract there, the opportunity to be exposed to Spanish shouldn’t be ignored. At worst, you’ll end up picking up a few key phrases. At best, you could come away from your Spanish sojourn with more than just a tan and new work experience – another language. 

Benefit From a Low Cost of Living 

Spain boasts a relatively low cost of living when compared to other western European nations, and is 16% lower than the UK, without taking rent into account – which is 26% lower than in the UK. Food and drink are notoriously affordable, with both groceries and eating out cheaper than most UK cities. For British workers taking up contracts in Spain, this is good news – and with transport prices being lower than in the UK, it means you can taxi home after an evening of indulgent food and wine for a fraction of the price you would in the UK.

Travel Near and Far

Spain’s enviable location on the Iberian Peninsula makes it an ideal destination for holidays, both domestically and abroad. Spain is well continued with high-speed rail, not to mention the low-cost airlines that operate throughout the country, making it easy and affordable to take weekend breaks to destinations like the Canary Islands, Ibiza, San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona. Spend your free time exploring the Picos de Europa in Asturias, relaxing beachside in Majorca or trawling markets in Valencia. If you have more time to spare, Spain is a great jumping off point for exploring further afield, with Portugal and France just next door.

Find your next opportunity in Spain

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