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My Second Work Experience at Quanta: Will Broome

Holly  Stanley our consultant managing the role
Posted by Holly Stanley
Published on 28 June 2024

During my work experience that I have returned to again, I experienced a lot of useful, fun, and helpful situations throughout the week. This is from Quanta being a fun but hard-working environment that I couldn’t resist experiencing again!

I am now 16 and studying at sixth form and I am very grateful for the week that Quanta have provided me with and to meet all the lovely people that work here.

Why I chose Quanta

Before the week started, I understood that Quanta had a great environment and got to experience it myself first hand, they offered such a good and important opportunity and lived up to the high expectations.

I appreciate how much effort they put in to making my work experience week interesting and helpful and although I only had a week, I learned so much and wish I could of stayed for longer.

What did my week involve?

I started off the week by meeting lots of new people and others that I have met before. I was introduced to the company by Iasmin who was very nice and helpful, she then took me around the building and had me meeting  and introducing myself to everyone who works at Quanta.


I then began with an introduction to the IT system with Shay who walked me through all the useful tips which will help me get through the week, for example; how I use LinkedIn and find my diary in my calendar for the week etc, which is two very important things to know as I needed to keep a close eye on all my introductions and shadowing sessions I had throughout the week. I then met Kiran who went through the tasks I needed to complete by the end of the week and described clearly what I had to achieve, I found these tasks very interesting and a challenging task which kept me focused.


I found the week very fun but challenging as they set me realistic but achievable work tasks. Throughout the week I met with people in different areas within the business and they all gave me introductions to how their sector differs from others and what they specialise in. This gave me an idea on what part I preferred the most and which I may want to pursue in the future. 

What I learned during my experience

This week I was at Quanta I learned a lot of new skills and key information, this included, time management, IT/computer skills and what each team within Quanta specialises in. This important knowledge is not only key within Quanta but is also in most other business and real-life situations which is why I found my work experience helpful and useful.

How this will help with my future

Quanta gave me a good feel as to what I’ll experience in the future when it comes to me getting a full-time job this was from:

  • The full-length days,
  • The timed scheduling,
  • The challenging / realistic tasks.

This experience will help me in the future as I won't be as worried going into a new job as I'll have more experience and be in a more familiar working environment. 

The new skills I learnt from this week will also help me significantly, this is through me being able to now plan ahead and keep on top of the work I’ve been set. I am now able to use IT equipment better and use the different apps to help with the workload which will be key in my future in all types of situations.

My overall experience

I am very impressed how the week went, and I thank everyone who was involved in making my work experience, not only helpful but also enjoyable as well.

  • Even when I wasn’t working and in my break times, I was able to go out for lunch and play table tennis which was obviously a fun thing to do, getting to know everyone in the business as well as I got to spend a lot of time with them.
  • But overall, I found this experience amazing, and I would love to be back at Quanta in the future!