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My Work Experience at Quanta - Ella Bhudia

Kiran Bhudia our consultant managing the role
Posted by Kiran Bhudia
Published on 4 July 2024

What we did

On the first day, we had an introduction to work experience. We went though how the company runs, basic information on what quanta does and a brief overview of what is planned for the week. We then had an IT meeting about the kind of software and websites quanta uses. We had a meeting about our main task for the week and we had sessions on accounting, contracts and compliance to get an outline of the team, what they do and why.

On the second day, we had a session on data IT where we learnt about data centres, data storage and how Quanta uses data centres. We then went through how to create our presentations ready for Friday. Throughout the rest of the day, we continued our main task for the week and worked on our presentation.

On the third day, we attended three team briefings to see how the teams catch up and collaborate. We then had a session on the delivery team and delivery executives as well as HR, marketing and life sciences to get a wide range of insight into different areas. We then continued working on our presentation and task for the week.

On the fourth day we had a session about how we can enhance our CV and then continued to work on our presentations and finish off any tasks.

On the last day we finished off our presentations and later presented them. We then had a final presentation with everyone in the office about our work experience as a whole and what we thought of it.

What I learnt

We went through was a typical working day would look like and a brief overview of what each department does. We went through what kind of things contracting and compliance, accounting, data IT, life sciences, marketing, HR, a delivery executive, the delivery team and IT does. There is a wide range of departments which was helpful for me to learn a bit about each and think about which may interest me which is valuable for the future when choosing A-level subjects and later a career.

Why Quanta

I found quanta to have a fun and more relaxed environment. It was nice to experience an office environment because it isn’t something I have had a chance to work in yet. I also like the range of areas they specialise in which gave me a chance to see a bit of each. I liked how I was given tasks and things to do throughout the day, so I was never bored and got to familiarise myself with the websites Quanta uses on a daily basis. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience, and it was nice to see a working environment that was enjoyable to work in while still being productive and focused.