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People at Quanta: Matt

Matthew Bowles our consultant managing the role
Published on 6 January 2017

People are the fabric of any good organisation, and at Quanta we aim to fill our team with the best members we can find. As part of our Quanta story series, we’re looking into the stories of some of the people who help make our team so special. Enter Matt Bowles, one of our Principal Consultants who joined us in 2015.

Matt, who joined Quanta after hearing positive things from an acquaintance, has a background in recruitment, acting and working as an estate agent and was looking to make a positive move at what was an important time in his professional career. Interested to see what Quanta could offer him, he came on board in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since.

Why Quanta?

Since joining, Matt has well and truly become part of the Quanta family. He loves the culture and positive environment Quanta has cultivated and enjoys the support network in place that allows the team to be as successful as possible.

“No two days are the same in recruitment,” he says, “but what you always know is that when you come into work is you’ll be met with an office full of positive and motivated people who are happy to help you achieve your goals.”

Why Energies?

Matt works within the Renewable Energy recruitment sector, one that is fast-paced, technical and relatively young. While it has its challenges, being able to overcome these and have success is incredibly rewarding, as is the ability to help contribute to something bigger.

“Our focus is on renewable energy and so the fact that we are supporting projects that are contributing to green energy and the fight against climate change means in some small way we are helping to make a difference,” he says.

Fast Track to Sales

Like Kasim, Matt took part in our Fast Track to Sales programme.

“It’s not often that you have such in-depth training and support on your development available within businesses, particularly sales focused environments,” he says.

The programme takes advantage of the many years of expertise available within the business, along with peer experiences, to ensure that when you’re starting out on running your own desk you have everything you need to be successful. Fast Track to Sales is challenging as it involves development sessions while also going about the day-to-day role, but there’s plenty of support during and after the programme

Be part of it

Life at Quanta is exciting and energetic and there’s always something happening. It’s a great team to join and we love welcoming new people into the fold. If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch here.

To find out more about how Matt can help you, contact him today:

Matthew Bowles

Principal Consultant

+44 1442 861732