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People at Quanta: Jo

Joanna Belmar our consultant managing the role
Posted by Joanna Belmar
Published on 1 December 2017

Joining Quanta in 2006, Joanna Belmar is one of our longest-serving team members. Since starting with us, she’s not only completely immersed herself in the Quanta ‘One Team’ ethos, but she’s also moved her way through the company and helped to shape some significant new business areas. Here’s her story:

I started as a Delivery Executive, now I’m Business Services Coordinator

When I joined Quanta 11 years ago, I had just left a large bank after becoming uncomfortable with some of the more sales-driven changes within the industry. I was looking for a career move that would give me more scope to develop and advance, and after visiting a high-street recruiter I was encouraged to apply for resourcing roles. While I’d never really considered recruitment before, I realised that it had the sales and customer service elements I was looking for in a new role, plus there’s always the attraction of being rewarded for your hard work.

I’ve stayed with Quanta because I love the business

When I was first considering moving into recruitment, I interviewed at another agency that had a very different feel to Quanta – it was a 360 recruitment role from the get-go, and I suspected it wouldn’t offer as much training or support as the role at Quanta.

I have always been so impressed at the commitment everyone at Quanta has to ongoing development. The training is structured and continuous, involving people from all different parts of the business. We have one-on-one time with trainers and can take part in the different Fast Track programmes and I am currently completing Fast Track to Future Leadership. The programmes are so beneficial in helping you grow in Quanta, as they not only provide key learning and training but also the context behind it. I’m currently completing the programme whilst already having a team to lead, which means I can put my learning from each module into practice immediately.

My new role is broad and varied

As Business Services Coordinator, I look after a small team of Business Unit Support Specialists and our Internal Recruiter. As I have recently transitioned out of that recruiter role, I’m really involved with supporting the function and coaching our new Internal Recruiter. My role is to ensure the Business Support Specialists are working on the right tasks for the business at any given time and offer support and guidance where I can.

Moving from Delivery Executive to Internal Recruiter and now Business Services Coordinator has allowed me to gain fantastic experience in different business areas. I moved into my current position as I felt like it was a good match for my skills, while still being a step up the ladder and offering the chance to develop team leader skills. I also liked that I’d still have a hand in internal recruitment.

I’m proud of the work I’ve put in at Quanta

I was the first person to take on the Internal Recruiter position at Quanta, so I’ve been heavily involved in sculpting it and putting guidelines and policies in place. When I look back, I’m proud of the work I put in to create the role and bringing in such fantastic people to the business. Looking forward, I’m anticipating growing into my Business Services Coordinator role and taking on additional members in my team, along with completing the Fast Track to Leadership programme.

Quanta has grown, but still retains its family feel

I love the people and the dynamic of Quanta. When I joined all those years ago it was a lot smaller, but as the business has grown it’s managed to retain its family feel and ‘One Team’ ethos. Everyone feels valued within the business, and rewards and appreciation are available to all staff, not just those in sales. The structure of the business is such that you feel comfortable asking anyone in Quanta anything – it doesn’t matter what your position is compared to theirs. And of course, the ability to progress within the business is a huge selling point for anyone coming here. Quanta wants people to develop and push themselves, but they also make sure everyone has the support and ambition to do so. It’s a great place to be.

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