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Securing your role in ICT in 2017

Alex McCrudden our consultant managing the role
Published on 14 March 2017

ICT is a growing industry for Quanta, and our services within this sector have developed since our initial forays into the market in 1992. We’re now a key ICT partner for clients across multiple industries, including Renewable Energy, Life Science, Telecoms and Government, focusing largely on contract recruitment.

The IT industry is increasingly moving toward a project- and contract-based way of working, with more organisations effectively ‘renting’ talent rather than hiring it. Because of this, contracting is a great way for IT professionals to expand their skill set and work on multiple projects throughout their careers.

Alex McCrudden, our Principal Consultant for ICT and Engineering, spoke to us about what’s currently happening in the market and what candidates can do to set themselves apart.

What roles and skills are most in demand in IT?

“My clients are often searching for a variety of ICT specialists so it’s not a case of one skill being more in demand than others. One day I’ll have a client with an urgent need for Systems Administrators to cover Linux or Windows and soon after it might be an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) or a Messaging Engineer (Exchange/O365).

Some clients with a large user base may request Identify Management and IT Security specialists, whilst other clients need to recruit IT Support and Service Desk professionals. Thankfully our network includes candidates from ‘all walks of IT life’ so we’re more than capable of delivering to a client’s needs.

Whilst clients are increasingly seeking subject matter experts within their particular fields, they also want also candidates with specialist skills who can provide an ‘all round’ IT function and who can contribute to the development and success of a project or business. So while people who are highly skilled in niche roles are great, so too are more generalist candidates who can be applied to multiple tasks and projects.

Additionally, the old image of ICT professionals being quiet, reserved and solely focusing on their work activities is a thing of the past. My clients often specify their desire for candidates who have the technological capabilities but who are also dynamic, highly communicable and able to fit seamlessly into a new work environment. Thankfully that’s now the norm for most ICT candidates, although my Quanta colleagues and I will always use our bespoke qualification process to highlight those candidates best suited for our clients.”

What trends have you noticed within the ICT industry recently?

“IT and Communication technologies are advancing and changing year on year, which means our clients are constantly looking to maintain infrastructures, platforms and environments that are in line with that development.

Recently many of our partners have migrated from one technology to another or upgraded to newer versions of existing systems to benefit their business, and in turn, this has required us to recruit for candidates who are skilled, trained and certified in the appropriate systems and technologies.

In terms of who is driving the market, both candidates and clients have equal footing at the moment. I have clients who are actively looking for ICT contractors and permanent staff to join them in UK and European locations. Likewise, I know there are exceptionally talented candidates in the market looking for their next opportunity and it’s down to me to try and match them together!”

What do candidates want from their next job?

“I believe ICT candidates want what we all want: a position that will benefit their skills and experience whilst also offering a challenge and opportunities to grow, whether that’s as a contractor or a full-time member of staff. In saying that, some candidates might have slightly more particular requirements, which we always try to accommodate.

In the past few months I’ve been contacted by candidates looking for European opportunities - mainly to escape the British winter. Fortunately, Quanta is a preferred resource partner to clients in Spain, Italy and other locations and some of those candidates are now enjoying a work/life balance that includes sunshine and beaches!”

Why do you love doing what you do?

“Placing a candidate into a new role and helping a client is hugely rewarding and for me personally, I can’t think of a better environment to work in than ICT. In the past seven years at Quanta I’ve worked with some amazingly talented people, recruiting many of them into exciting positions. Their approach has been second to none, their technical knowledge never ceases to amaze me and the projects they work on can be extremely interesting especially as technology leaps forward.

ICT also transcends sectors so I’ve been fortunate to work with clients in Aerospace, Life Science, Energy, Semiconductor, Media and Finance … even the United Nations!

That’s what I enjoy about ICT recruitment. Whether it’s junior candidates or veteran managers, new start-ups or global organisations, UK or international, Information Technology can connect them all.”

If you’re interested in ICT opportunities we can offer you at Quanta, get in touch with us here or check out our latest vacancies.