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Introducing our charity partnerships for 2018

David Broome our consultant managing the role
Posted by David Broome
Published on 21 September 2018

Quanta have, for many years, supported an array of charities – the culture within Quanta particularly encourages this and it is even incorporated into day-to-day tasks. We are proud to have made significant donations to many (especially local) charities over the years.

CEO, Stephen Trigg shares why charity donations are so important to him:

''It is important that as individuals we recognise that there are always people who may be less fortunate than ourselves. When putting this recognition into a corporate context we create the opportunity to harness the collective synergy of a group of likeminded people. Hence, as business leaders, we have the ability to generate not just additional funds for charity but also, we are enhancing the awareness of the difficulties that others endue in life. By making this a part of the Quanta Culture it becomes more sustainable and the support can continue as a part of the whole company ethos rather than any one individual.''

The innovative way Quanta decides what is to be donated is principally based on funds being allocated through a number of work activities completed by employees. For example, every time an interview is arranged, a CV is processed or an invoice raised, points are accumulated according to the importance of the activity. These points convert to cash and are automatically added to the Quanta charity fund. Everyone in the business contributes towards this and therefore feel a real sense of achievement when large sums are donated to the supported charities. In addition to the automated generation of funds, regular charity days are held at Quanta, with activities such as bake offs, quizzes and fancy dress competitions. At the centre of all charity days are our regular barbecues, fired up by our directors, which take place whatever the weather!

This year, our chosen four charities are: DENSThe Pepper FoundationThe Swan Youth Project and Thomley Hall. Quanta wanted to acknowledge the incredible work of a variety of charities – spanning many ages and difficulties. As a further support, Quanta love to get involved with a number of events that the charities organise. Earlier this year, The Pepper Foundation hosted their annual, live music ‘Pepper show’ (named after the Beatles’ iconic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album) which Quanta was the headline sponsor for. Just this weekend, Thomley Hall hosted a glamourous ball in which members of the Quanta team were delighted to attend! Coming up, there are even more events that Quanta employees are encouraged to get involved with. For example DENS have a sponsored sleep-out and silent disco on the 7th December.

Our charities for 2018 are described below:

  • DENS is a local charity providing critical, frontline support and long-term solutions for homeless people and those in poverty in the Dacorum area of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. The outstanding services they provide include: a 44-bedroom accommodation centre, a day centre, a deposit guarantee and support scheme with private landlords, a foodbank and support for education, training, volunteering and employment.

    A common misconception of homelessness is that it’s caused by drug or alcohol abuse. In truth, this is only applicable to a small proportion of the homeless population. The primary cause of homelessness among people coming to DENS is relationship breakdown. Other causes include mental health issues, job loss and people returning from prison or hospital with nowhere to stay. One of the main reasons Quanta chose to support DENS this year was because of how misrepresented homeless people are. Homelessness can happen to people from all walks of life (and for so many different reasons).
  • The Pepper Foundation funds the hospice at home children's nursing team throughout the Chilterns area of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The innovative paediatric team offers specialist palliative care and support to children with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness.
    The nurses currently care for more than 50 children at any one time, at absolutely no cost to the patients or their families, as well as supporting families with pre- and post-bereavement. The nursing service is responsive, flexible and tailored to meet the needs of individual families. They provide individualised care for each child in their own home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    The remarkable work they do is well documented in the local area and Quanta appreciate the necessity of their presence for local children suffering from long-term illness.
  • The Swan Youth Project is charity in Berkhamsted providing a safe and fun space in the town centre for people aged 11-18. They work to support young people by providing an environment in which their personalities and life skills can be developed, enabling them to become productive members of society. It also has a significant preventative role - by providing young people with support, it aims to bring with it broader benefits for society such as reducing unemployment, improving the take-up of education, reducing substance abuse, cutting crime and anti-social behaviour.

    The charity is situated within a 16th century coaching inn in Berkhamsted (around 100m from the Quanta office!). It was in jeopardy of becoming derelict at the time but has now been fully developed and equipped with many activities to provide a substantial recreational facility for the young people of the area.
  • Thomley Hall is a charity based in Buckinghamshire, providing support to families with autistic or disabled children. It brings together disabled people, their families, carers and friends, together with experienced and nurturing staff who understand their needs.

    Thomley was launched by parents of children with autism. They found that their children were excluded from other play-schemes due to unavailability of appropriate activities and facilities, as well as their child’s considered inappropriate behaviour. In the past three years, over 4,200 disabled people and their friends/families have come to Thomley from 36 counties. Quanta were so impressed with the facilities that Thomley provide and recognise the incredible work they do for families affected by disabilities.

If you want to hear more about these great causes, visit our charity page here. Or to donate, please follow the links to their websites below.

DENSThe Pepper FoundationThe Swan Youth ProjectThomley Hall.