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Celebrating our vision and values at Quanta

Posted bySpencer Trigg
Published on 7 February 2019

The end of 2018 was a busy time for all of us at Quanta, with a boom in business even with of the ongoing loom of Brexit. Despite all our sectors keeping us busy right until the end of the year, we managed to find time to host a company-wide vision and values day on November 14th.

Held at Pendley Manor Hotel in Hertfordshire, the team building day was designed to emphasise our five values: We enjoy what we do, we are proud to be different, we value communication, we invest in our future and we are one team. It also incorporated our company vision of uniting people with life changing industries. To do this, we put on an ‘art masterclass’ with the help of a specialist events company. The brief? Bring our vision and values to life in the form of artwork. Our Quantarians were split into six teams, each tasked with a different value or vision and a section of our beloved motif, which was spread across six canvas tiles per team.

In true ‘one team’ spirit, it was decided that the teams would band together and put all 36 canvas squares on the floor to pencil out the entire design before painting each section. This ensured the motif was cohesive and the overall design fit together perfectly – something that we mirror in our everyday work at Quanta, where everyone is only too happy to pitch in and help each other out.

The resulting image truly incorporates each and every one of our values and vision, showcasing our creative talent and the unique ideas and perspective every team member brings to the business.

Our vision and values, top L-R: We value communication, we invest in our future, we are proud to be different. Bottom L-R: Uniting people with life changing industries, we enjoy what we do, one team

The day was a true celebration of us as a business and as a team, highlighting the importance of banding together for one common goal. The celebrations continued afterwards at one of our favourite Berkhamsted establishments, The Gatsby.

Director, Spencer Trigg commented on the successful team-building day:

‘What a fantastic and memorable day! Our 2nd V&V (Vision & Values) Day that truly characterised the essence of Quanta. About being individuals, being unique but more importantly by working as a team you can accomplish far greater achievements!    

#Life changing…memories. #Life changing…moments.’

With 2019 already well under way, we’re looking forward to all new challenges and opportunities at Quanta, with our values and vision clear in our minds as we move forward.

Interested in working with us at Quanta? We’re always looking for talented recruitment consultants and team members of all levels to help us achieve our shared goals. Take a look at our our open jobs for more details.