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Quanta sign Armed Forces Covenant

David Broome our consultant managing the role
Posted by David Broome
Published on 16 April 2019

Quanta have become one of the first recruitment consultancies to sign the Armed Forces Covenant.

Signing the covenant means that Quanta are supporting their employees as reservists and veterans in order to succeed in commercial life. By becoming a forces-friendly employer, Quanta are already benefiting from the wide range of unique skills and experiences that reservists and veterans can bring to an organisation.

Zoe is a Royal Naval Reservist and has been with Quanta for 18 months. She's delighted to see Quanta sign the covenant:

“I get so much support at Quanta. Not only do they ensure that I can get away early on the evenings that my unit meet, but they are also understanding when I take time to go training with my specialisation. I never feel like a burden, in fact it’s the opposite.” 

Naturally there is the chance that Zoe will be called into action and “whilst the MOD must give employers as much notice as possible, we are ultimately available to call up at any given time. For example, I am currently under 30 days’ notice of mobilisation due to the developments regarding Brexit and may be required to provide support.”

Quanta’s commitment extends beyond Zoe and another team member who has just signed up to join the army reservists. They are also tailoring their recruitment process in order to attract veterans, with one ex-RAF individual joining in January this year.

Spencer Trigg, Quanta Director, comments:

“Employing armed forces community members will help us further diversify the talent in our workforce. These people bring skills which are needed in recruitment. They are cool under pressure, resilient, hardworking, punctual, committed and respectful. They fit right into the team.”

Support is different depending on whether the individual is a reservist or veteran.

“If they are a reservist, then we must ensure that they are supported to return to the same job and that we have kept their clients and candidates informed. A proper handover process has been developed to support this so that the reservist doesn’t lose out,” explains Spencer. Meanwhile, for veterans “it is more about integrating them into the commercial world, re-purposing their skills and supporting them with all elements of work/life.”

If you are a reservist or a veteran, and want to see what recruitment is all about, then contact Georgia Bartropp on 01442 860 505 or If you're interested in working at Quanta, view the latest vacancies here.