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Quanta’s 2019 Charity Activity

Jan Boyd our consultant managing the role
Posted by Jan Boyd
Published on 17 July 2019

Here at Quanta we are passionate about giving back to local charities and we are fortunate enough to be able to do this simply by carrying out our day to day work. In 2018, the Directors of Quanta came up with an innovative way for the whole team to raise money together, rather than just individuals. Our team earn points by completing tasks such as sending out invoices, making client calls, holding interviews, making placements and many more. These points are then converted into pounds meaning the more effectively they work, the more we are able to donate to our chosen charities.

In 2018 we were able to build up enough points to convert into a huge £24,000 to give to our chosen charities. This amount will make a huge difference to the work they are able to carry out.

We are continuing to support our chosen charities from 2018 throughout 2019. Our chosen charities are:

DENS – A local charity providing critical, frontline support and long-term solutions for homeless people and those in poverty in the Dacorum area of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

The Pepper foundation – The foundation funds the hospice at home children’s nursing team for life-limited and young people throughout the Chilterns area of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Thomley – A charity based in Buckinghamshire that provides support to families with disabled or autistic children and supporting those at any stage of their diagnostic journey, whatever their needs.

The Swan Youth Project – A charity based locally in Berkhamsted which provides a safe, fun space for people locally aged 11-18 and an environment where their skills can be developed and enabling them to become productive members of society.

To find out more about our chosen charities, please visit our charity page here.