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Celebrating 10 years with Quanta: Ben Alger

Ben Alger our consultant managing the role
Posted by Ben Alger
Published on 9 March 2020
We’re enjoying a run of significant work anniversaries this year, with Ben Alger celebrating 10 years of hard work with Quanta. Ben has progressed from Principal Consultant to his current role of Associate Director, developing the ICT and life sciences sectors along the way. He spoke to us about his highlights from the past decade at Quanta:

“I wanted to avoid travelling into London, so Quanta made perfect sense to me”

Already working in recruitment, Ben was looking for a new opportunity but was reluctant to join the London rat race. He heard about Quanta, located a 30-minute commute from his home, and was impressed with the interview process, where training and development were discussed as a top priority. 

“Quanta’s transparent approach to being rewarded for your work, with clear promotional pathways, wasn’t the norm in recruitment at the time,” says Ben.

With Quanta already expanding their footprint in the UK and into Europe, Ben was interested to join a forward-thinking organisation that had global aspirations – and 10 years on, he’s still excited by Quanta’s scope and ambition.

“Progression opportunities within Quanta have always been forthcoming”

Joining the business as a relatively new recruitment professional, Ben’s role has changed significantly since those early days of 2010. He was tasked with developing a new area for the business – Semiconductor and Technologies – growing the team and eventually becoming Business Unit Leader. In 2015 he became Global Business Manager for the life sciences team before taking the next step to his Associate Director of Sales role in 2018.

“There were 24 people when I started here, and now we have a team of over 80”

10 years has seen a lot of change for Ben, and not just in terms of the company’s size. He’s gone through an office move and has seen a significant increase in investment into technology as Quanta’s industries have become more technologically driven. 

“The training has also changed hugely since I joined. Consultants now have a two to three-week induction process, with dedicated Fast Track training programmes to support team members in their development.”

“We’re a very people-orientated company”

Ben says one thing that hasn’t changed during his time at Quanta is the focus on celebrating success and rewarding hard work. Quanta invests in its people, he says, and there is autonomy to manage your own work life balance.

“The role of technology in the recruitment process has been the biggest industry change during my time”

For Quanta as a business and also for end clients and customers, the role of technology within recruitment cannot be understated. LinkedIn and other social media platforms have fundamentally changed the way people search for jobs, and also the way that consultants look at candidate attraction. 

“Ten years ago it was all about cold calling in more of a sales-driven environment. Now the approach is much more consultative and tailored to the needs of our clients and candidates, and technology plays a big role in this”. 

“The people I get to work with every day are part of the reason I’m still at Quanta”

Quanta’s vision and values are a huge part of the business, and Ben says the One Team value is particularly strong. It’s one of the reasons why he loves Quanta so much, with shared morals and focuses encouraging all team members to work towards the same goals.

In his management position, Ben thrives on supporting, coaching and developing people in their careers – even when those same people go on to beat him at FIFA during regular lunchtime sessions. The travel opportunities are also a perk, with Ben saying the ability to decide when and where to travel to meet with clients and candidates has enabled him to explore much of Europe and the US, building strong relationships in the process. 

“Quanta’s ongoing expansion means I am excited for the future”

With an expansion into the US underway and new offices proposed stateside, Ben loves Quanta’s local-but-global ethos. The opportunity to work with new clients in locations keeps recruitment exciting, as does seeing fellow team members grow and take on new responsibilities. 

“I have always had the backing of the board in Stephen, Spencer and David. They’ve seen something in me – so thank you to them for offering the initial opportunity and seeing my potential, allowing me to develop into a future leader. 

A special thanks must also go to my immediate team. They genuinely make it easy for me to get up in the morning and come to work. They are all striving and working hard to be the best that they can be, it is an absolute pleasure working with them on a daily basis.”

A few words about Ben from his colleagues

“Some of my favourite memories include working with Ben in 2018 on his personal development, supporting his learning and helping him to recognise the importance of positive change in himself and the team, which ultimately culminated in his promotion to Director. He did, does and will continue to do a brilliant job. 
He’s honest, trustworthy, committed, dedicated, intelligent and makes the right decisions in the interest of our staff and the company. He is one of the best individuals I have worked with in the past 20 years.” – David, Director

“My best memories of working with Ben over the years involve us travelling all over the world and having a laugh whilst we do it; whether we’re gallivanting across mainland Europe or jetting across the Pacific, I have always liked the fact that Ben is able to enjoy what some might see as a tiring part of the job.  
Ben is ultimately a people person, and this is the reason why I believe he has achieved 10 years with our company.” – Kasim, Principal Consultant 

"Even though Ben has been with Quanta for over 10 years now he has the knack of making every day seem like his first. He is full of energy and enthusiasm - that’s a nice way of saying he is very loud - and has time for everyone across the business. 
He is one of the most knowledgeable, intelligent and hardworking people I have ever met in recruitment and proud to call him a colleague and a friend." – Andrew, Associate Director

Congratulations Ben on an amazing 10 years!