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5 tips for your well-being whilst working from home: looking after your mind and body

Lauren Potter our consultant managing the role
Posted by Lauren Potter
Published on 30 March 2020

Working from home can pose numerous potential problems and distractions but we need to remember our health and wellbeing can also be put at jeopardy. What are the best ways to look after your health and wellbeing whilst working from home? This blog will show you how to look after your general health and well being and in turn looking after your physical health.


1.       Speak face to face (video call style)
Where possible try and speak to people, whether it's on the phone, via a video call or even just a slightly more informal WhatsApp message. Working from home can become isolating and lonely at times especially when you might live alone.

2.       Set out break times
When you are in the office normally you would have time within your day for a quick chat, making a cuppa and your morning tea break. Be sure to take the time to have small breaks within your day and don’t feel guilty for these just because you’re working from home. This includes your lunch break; it can be easy to work through your lunch break at home but enjoy it and make the most of it.

3.       Eat as healthily and normally as you can
When you are at home it can be easy to indulge in a few extra biscuits or have an extra-large lunch as you have the luxury of your kitchen at your fingertips. A great way to stay on top of your normal eating routine is to make a plan for your lunchtime meals. Be sure to have nutritious filling meals that can give you sustenance until your afternoon snack.

4.       Stay active
Although working from home can lead easily to becoming lazy or dormant it is good for your body and mind to stay active. Whether you get out for a lunchtime walk or do a short HIIT circuit in your garden or nearby open space. There are endless online opportunities to stay fit in your own home.

5.       Look back on your day
Take some time at the end of the day to review how your day has gone, this could be with a colleague, manager or even just a note to yourself. Looking at what you have succeeded during the day, what could have gone better and what you will be achieving in your next working day.

Working from home can take some time to get used to and quite some adjusting. For more tips on and tricks on working from home read our last working from home blog, 5 tips to make working from home just like working in the office: staying focused when home working.