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5 tips that make video interviewing, professional, smooth and stress-free

Lauren Potter our consultant managing the role
Posted by Lauren Potter
Published on 8 April 2020
The way that we get over hurdles is to adapt and change to make things possible and this is something we can certainly address easily with the technology we have readily available to us at present.  Although many of us are practising social distancing there are still ways people can interview effectively and continue with their job searches. Here are some top tips to help you complete a successful video interview. 

1. Have a professional presence 

Make an email address that doesn't make you cringe when you send it to an employee. And yes that does mean that your needs to be replaced. Create an up-to-date skype profile or other form of video calling application and include a professional-looking photo. 

2. Try to use a clutter-free background

Some programmes such as Microsoft Teams allow you to blur out cluttered backgrounds but it is best to find the clearest wall and use that. Be sure to check the lighting on your webcam and if needed add in some extra lights using table lamps or anything you have readily available. 

3. Keep noise to a minimum

Along with a clutter-free background, it is also best to make sure wherever you choose is also as quiet as possible and if this means locking yourself in the bathroom then so be it! 

4. Try to maintain eye contact 

When you are on your video call it is best to look at the person when they are speaking and when you are speaking it is best to speak directly to the webcam. This can take some getting use to so it might be worth doing a few practise runs.

5. Avoid technical problems

Do a trial run, ring a family member or friend and make sure that the camera, sound and microphone are all working. On top of this, be sure to have a good Wi-Fi connection and a backup such as your hotspot from your phone in case your Wi-Fi drops outs. Be sure to have a back-up just in case, take their phone number, email or work number.

We all know that technology can sometimes let you down but if you follow these steps you are more likely to have a successful online video interview. Still not sold on virtual interviewing? Read our previous article about the benefits of virtual interviewing.