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Celebrating 20 years with Quanta: Wendy Pearson

Wendy Pearson our consultant managing the role
Posted by Wendy Pearson
Published on 17 July 2020
When Wendy joined Quanta in the year 2000, the business looked completely different to what it does today: the team was smaller, the offices were somewhere else and Quanta hadn’t yet expanded into life sciences and renewable energies. Now, Wendy’s well and truly part of the Quanta family. With her deep industry knowledge and ability to build rapport with candidates, clients and colleagues, she's a highly skilled recruitment professional, and we’re delighted to be celebrating her 20th anniversary with us. 

Wendy spoke to us about her past two decades with the Quanta team: 

What was Quanta like when you first joined? 

“I joined Quanta in July 2000, so I've seen the company change a lot and expand to what it is today. When I joined, we focused mainly on ICT and I dealt with the highly competitive investment banking market. This was fairly complex, and I had an interesting time getting my head around interest rate derivatives, plus the software was baffling!  

I joined as a Resourcer and am now a Delivery Executive, which is my choice as I’m not interested in moving into sales – I'm too scared!” 

What has your journey with Quanta been like? 

“I’ve loved being part of Quanta’s growth and I’ve had a great time along the way. In my 20 years, I’ve not only developed as a recruiter but also personally – I've had two kids, taken maternity leave, seen faces come and go in the office and now have too many hilarious stories to tell. We’ve also been on some fantastic trips to Neufchâtel, Amsterdam and Portugal.” 

What major changes have you seen within the business and wider recruitment industry? 

“We’ve overhauled our ICT industry sector to focus more on engineering, which is great as it’s given us a different pool of candidates and clients to (and they’re lovely to deal with!). We’ve also become more process-oriented as a business, put more focus on personal wellbeing and are far more structured than we were in 2000 – if only I could be that structured and have a process!” 

What’s made you stay at Quanta for as long as you have? 

“I’ve been here for 20 years because I love the people, the ethics and the perks. When it’s good, it’s really good! 

And also the management team – they make Quanta great!” 

What advice would you give anyone starting out at Quanta? 

“Work hard, be nice and crack on! You get out what you put in.” 

A few words about Wendy from her colleagues: 

“I have worked with Wendy for 10.5 years and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure to work alongside her. There is never a dull moment with Wendy! She is great to work with and lightens the office with her quit wit and humour. Wendy has excellent industry knowledge and builds excellent rapport with our candidates, clients and colleagues. She is our highest performing Delivery Executive who is always consistent in her performance. The team all look up to Wendy and learn so much from her dedicated and strong work ethic. She really is a joy to manage. She works true to our values, is incredibly good at delivering to the business and is a much-loved member of the Quanta family.” - Lauren Potter, Associate Director 

“It has been one of my career highlights to work with Wendy for over 18 of her 20 years at Quanta. Wendy is one of a kind; truly exceptional at what she does; loved by candidates, clients and colleagues; and has successfully balanced being a full-time mum whilst always doing a great job for Quanta. An incredibly humble individual, who is one of the most talented colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with. So much of Quanta’s success can be attributed to Wendy – thank you for being brilliant at everything you do” – David Broome, Director 

From all of us at Quanta, congratulations on your 20 years Wendy! We’re lucky to have you.