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Celebrating David's 20th anniversary at Quanta

David Broome our consultant managing the role
Posted by David Broome
Published on 10 December 2021

We’re celebrating another milestone this month as David Broome reaches his 20-year anniversary at Quanta. We love to celebrate our people as they are at the life and soul of everything we do. There’s nothing we enjoy more than recognising our colleagues who have reached major milestones with us. We spoke to David about his time at the company and why he thinks Quanta is a fantastic place to work.

What made you join Quanta?

I joined Quanta on December 10th, 2001, and the reason why I joined was because it came across as a company that just felt right. When I was talking with Stephen Trigg, the founder of the company, I felt as if we could work together, create something, and build a great partnership. He gave me the confidence that he would have belief in what I wanted to implement and the processes that I had in mind to help build the company.

"I have never worked with an owner of a business that cares more about his staff than Dave does. Since my first interview at Quanta, I could tell that he is the type of leader that would inspire many and was one of the main reasons I joined the business.

Fast forward five years and I can confirm I feel exactly the same way. For Dave to have the level of passion he does for our company, staff & customers after 20 years is incredible and I personally look forward to many more years working together". | Andrew Pieri | Director

What is your role at Quanta and what do you love most about it?

It’s hard to describe my role as I’m a bit of everything! I’m a sales director, have been for 14 years; I’m responsible for all of the learning and development, promotional pathway programme and all of the charity work throughout the business. However, what I’m most responsible for is creating an environment where people love working at Quanta. An environment where we live by our values.

What do I love? I love everyone! I have the coolest job in the world, and I am so very fortunate. You will not meet a luckier boy in a long time and it’s because of our staff. They are phenomenal, they are amazing, exceptional, brilliant and I couldn’t be happier with the team that we have here. They do not realise this, but they make my job the easiest job in the world because they are so talented.

So, my job is to continue to create an environment that takes those talented people and enables them to fly and exceed whatever their objectives are.

“What an incredibly amazing success story of 20 years for David at Quanta! He has been undoubtably the most significant influence on the success stories of multiple colleagues still at Quanta and colleagues who have gone on to pastures new. He has been the architect of many a great strategy, process and idea that has enabled our business to grow, thrive and continuously blossom.

I have many, many great memories both at work and out of work, we’ve had a serious amount of fun along the way and know there are many more memories to be made in the future. It’s an absolute pleasure that I call David a very good “work associate” 😉.

I know for a fact that with David in our business we have a very bright future in front of us and that we’ll have an enormous amount of laughter along the way.

Thank you for being incredible!” | Spencer Trigg | Director

What has been your proudest moment since working at Quanta?

As I say, I’ve got the greatest job in the world, and we’ve got such a talented group of people there are no major challenges for me anymore. However, the pandemic was a massive challenge, and the company pulled together and did an incredible job in continuing to grow. We’ve had recessions that have been hugely challenging, but we’ve ridden the wave and come out of the other side and continued to grow. That’s down to our staff, our suppliers, our clients, and candidates; collectively, they are just a brilliant combination.

"I have worked alongside Dave for 12 years now, and I can honestly say he is one of the most dedicated, supportive, and loyal managers that I have had the pleasure of reporting into.

Dave lives and breathes Quanta and our values and truly goes above and beyond for the staff, candidates, and clients.

The support, time, coaching and development that he has invested in me has truly pushed me to achieve beyond where I believed I could be professionally and for that I am truly grateful. The staff at Quanta look up to Dave and are inspired by his work ethic, dedication, passion, and positive outlook – and it helps that he is almost always ‘tickety-boo!’

I am lucky enough to call Dave a friend and look forward to seeing what the next 20 years bring! Probably retirement for him?! Haha!" | Lauren Potter | Director

How often do you see the Quanta company values?

We hire by our values, and we live by our values every day. Our values have been created by our staff and not by the leadership team. They were developed, devised, and created by our staff; the words are our staff’s words, so we live them every day. It is our single greatest achievement as a company is as we’ve continued to grow that our values stay strong and true and are lived by everybody, every minute of every day.

Whether it’s enjoying what we do or working as One Team and I couldn’t be prouder of how we work together as a team and continue to stick to those values. It’s important to note that none of these values are forced upon any of our team members. We completed a ‘visions and values’ day pre-lockdown where staff had the chance to change any or all of the values. It’s crucial that they are relevant and current, so we will continue this exercise in the future to enable everyone to influence the values.

What I love about David is that he brings his commitment to everyone here at Quanta.  The wellbeing and the planning of career progression and / or promotion and the training needed to make that progress has been driven by David.  His commitment and desire to create a sustainable business that can grow and continue to be successful is unquestionable.  He genuinely wants everyone in the Quanta family to be the best at what they do and, just as importantly, to enjoy what they do.  This is an integral part of the Quanta Culture and many of our work colleagues will no doubt enjoy the fruits of this investment into the future.  If there were any doubt about the effectiveness of this training you only must look at the Awards we have received; The Queens Award for International Trade, The Princess Anne Training Award, numerous Herts Business Awards and just last week we were a finalist in the APSCO Recruitment Company of the Year Awards.  We are undoubtedly an incredibly competent group of individuals, moulded together into tight, integrated teams, enjoying success wherever we can.  Over the past 20 years David has played a very significant role in the development of Quanta and off all those who work within.  David, I could not have wished for a better business partner.  Happy 20th anniversary 😊 | Stephen Trigg | CEO

What would your advice be for someone who is thinking of joining Quanta?

Absolutely. You’ve got to enjoy what you do, that’s really important. Smile, be positive, be willing to help people because you’re going to receive so much more back in return. Don’t take yourself too seriously and never forget people that help you. One of the basic life mottos that I always feel is important is to always thank everyone that helps you. That will hold you in great stead for working at such a great business.

This is hands down the best team that I’ve ever worked with because I believe that everyone is enjoying themselves, being themselves, and working perfectly as a team to help each and every individual flourish.

"David must be one of the hardest working people I know, continuously going above and beyond for Quanta and always having the interests of the staff at heart.

I have been lucky enough to work with David and Quanta for 12 years now and have some amazing memories. In all honesty, most of them are probably best kept untold, however, what I will say are some words of advice; don’t host a meeting with David without having food available (he gets very hangry), don’t ask him how his gym session was (he will never stop talking) and please, whatever you do, don’t ask him about the poor camel in Egypt.

David has an ability to make everyday fun and its clear to see that he enjoys what he does, even if things are not “tickety-boo”, he will always have a smile on his face. Congratulations on your 20 years David, an incredible and inspirational achievement. Thank you for all your help and support. I look forward to what we can achieve over the coming years!!" | Ben Alger | Director

Does Quanta sound like the place for you?

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