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Happy International Women’s day from all of us at Quanta

Faye Flower our consultant managing the role
Posted by Faye Flower
Published on 8 March 2021

To celebrate we are sharing the stories of women within our business and how Quanta is flying the flag for gender equality. Did you know that Quanta’s workforce is an even 50/50 gender split? This is great for promoting gender equality in the workplace and not only that, encourages women to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

According to a survey from Piie on average, having women in leadership positions aligned with a 15% increase in profitability. This is great news for Quanta as 50% of our managers and Associate Directors are women.

We asked Joanna Belmar, Business Services Manager, a couple of questions about being a woman at Quanta.

How do Quanta help women achieve their goals and grow into their leadership positions?

Quanta have provided extensive training, both structured in the Fast Track to Future Leadership Programme and through 121 coaching. We also have peer group sessions on a regular basis, where we can share success and seek guidance.

Why do you think Quanta is a great place for women to work?

There’s a strong leadership team including 2 women Associate Directors. The culture is supportive and inclusive, ensuring everyone has the same opportunities to succeed.

What advice would you give to other women looking to succeed in recruitment?

Organisation and planning are key.

Like many of our team Joanna is a working mum, in fact over 10% of our team are mums to children under the age of 10. We know that can be a tough balancing act, so we asked Caroline O’Sullivan, Global Business Manager and Wendy Pearson, Delivery Executive about their experiences as working mums at Quanta.

As a working mum, how have Quanta supported you to maintain a good work/life balance?

CO’S: There are opportunities to have flexible working weeks and they are always understanding when time is needed for doctor appointments or sickness and are always happy for you to take an hour for school meetings. They have also been fantastic during the pandemic. Working from home and home-schooling has been a challenge for so many of us and they’ve been really understanding and supportive during the last year.

WP: With having the kids at home during lockdown its’ been somewhat stressful to say the least. They’ve allowed us to have flexibility in doing what we can and not setting us our usual monthly objectives . Also being able to drop the kids off at school and start a bit later.

Has being a working mum or a woman presented any obstacles in your career?

CO’S: I think as a mum there are always obstacles when it comes to career, the main ones being time management and “parent guilt”. Sometimes you’re being pulled in both directions and you can feel that you’re not doing your best in either area. However, on occasions when I’ve felt like this, Quanta have always reminded me that family is the most important thing and have always supported me.

WP: As a working mum I would say yes, as sometimes you don’t have the time to commit. I wouldn’t say being a woman has presented any obstacles. 


We’re proud to promote gender equality at Quanta and love sharing our success stories. Start your own Quanta success story and apply today. We’re hiring: Delivery Executives and Recruitment Consultants