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Celebrating Guy's 15th Anniversary at Quanta

Guy Weekly our consultant managing the role
Posted by Guy Weekly
Published on 11 October 2022

We have another huge celebration to shout about at Quanta, and this time we’re getting out the party poppers for Guy, who this week reaches his 15th anniversary at Quanta. Guy has been pivotal to the growth and successes of Quanta in his time, and we look forward to many more years to come. Here, we chat to Guy and his colleagues about his journey Quanta.

When did you join Quanta and why?

I had worked for recruitment for a number of years, but I was looking for a new challenge, away from the management side of things. I heard about Quanta, a local recruitment consultancy, and thought their industries seemed really interesting.

I’ve never believed in moving companies and taking clients with me, so the idea of starting to recruit for the new and exciting Life Sciences market helped me make the jump to Quanta. Having worked in engineering and construction recruitment, I was familiar with the skillsets required in the Life Sciences field, and Quanta were happy to take me on in the business winning side. They ticked all my boxes then, and here I am 15 years later.

‘Guy’s experience, knowledge and expertise is second to none in our industry. Having worked closely with Guy throughout his 15 years at Quanta, I can honestly say the growth of our business and its success has so much to do with Guy’s drive to succeed. Guy is always willing to help, happy to sacrifice his time for others and above all committed to our business. He never seeks glory and always recognises others, which is a fantastic quality. We are so very fortunate to have Guy in our team for the past 15 years and he should be very proud of all his achievements.’ - David Broome, CEO

What is your role at Quanta?

I am the Senior Unit Business Leader for Life Sciences, but I started as a Senior Consultant. Quanta offer fantastic promotion structures which I have taken full advantage of over the years, and I have held many positions in between – including Team Leader and Divisional Leader. I still have a sales and business winning element to my role, which I love, but my main focus is developing my team and growing their sales skills and industry knowledge.

‘Guy has always been a constant supporting figure here at Quanta. His extensive experience and knowledge mean he is one of the most trusted and helpful members of the team. He has a second to none reputation both internally and externally and has always supported me and been a solid sounding board.’ – Jenny Latham, Delivery Executive

What do you love most about your job?

There are many things I love about my job. I genuinely enjoy working with my team and colleagues within Quanta, and I also take great pride in knowing that I was part of the Life Sciences journey of Quanta from the very beginning. Over the past 15 years I have seen the company grow from a small team of no more than 15 to the 90+ colleagues we have today, and there seems to be no stopping the company’s growth.

Being a mentor and passing on my knowledge to the team is another real highlight to my job. Watching them from the very start of their careers and supporting their success at every step is massively rewarding.

‘Having spent most of my adult life working with Guy I can unequivocally say he is a fantastic colleague. He is always happy to help anyone with advice or information about the industry or job roles. He is also great to go on contractor nights out with! Life and soul of the party and is able to build relationships with contractors and clients alike.

He has a mountain of experience and is always happy to share knowledge to help someone else.’ – Caroline O’Sullivan, Global Business Manager

What is your proudest moment at Quanta so far?

A stand-out moment for me was in 2011, when I was relatively new to the business and managed to win a major Life Sciences project in a brand-new location.  A large amount of our work was over in Ireland, which continues to be a leading location for Life Sciences, but an opportunity in the Middle East came around which I jumped at. It became one of Quanta’s first major international projects, and it meant I was able to travel regularly to Israel - a country so vastly different to the UK and unlike anything I had experienced before.

Since then, the opportunities to win new business and discover new locations has not stopped – and in August this year I visited our new American office for the first time.

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Guy since 2010 and can honestly say that he is one of the most knowledgeable people I have worked alongside in recruitment. There isn’t a situation that phases him, and he always has a solution to whatever the issue may be. It has also been great to travel with Guy over the years and we have visited numerous clients representing Quanta. He might not be the best morning person, but whether it is Ireland or Switzerland, we have always had a great time, especially sharing a few beers after a day of meetings.’ - Ben Alger, Director - Sales

Where have you seen Quanta’s values in action?

Winning the project in Israel is a classic example of Quanta’s ‘One Team’ value. At the time, we had no idea on how we could compliantly deliver resources to the project – being a brand-new location for us. I relied on the industry knowledge from Dave (CEO) and compliance knowledge from Stephen (Chairman), and together we came to a solution that enabled us to build a sizable team of engineers for the project.

It’s an early example of how as a small team we pulled together to make the project work, but as we’ve grown this attitude still remains. There are no glass towers here; people from all over the business regularly work together, and excellent communication is key to making this happen. At Quanta there is never a ‘no’, but a ‘how can we make it happen’.

‘Guy Weekly, affectionately known to some as Weekles, is arguably the best Sales Manager at Quanta. With over 20 years of experience in recruitment and a cool, calm and collected disposition, he drives his team towards consistent success.

Holding responsibility for others success and their development is a tough task, however if you have had the pleasure of working with Guy, you will know that it’s something that comes naturally to him. Guy supports each of us in a different way. Understanding personality quirks and individual challenges we come up against.

Without Guy's support, motivation and pragmatic brain, a lot of us wouldn’t be as successful as we are now. What a Guy…  Thank you and congrats on 15 years!’ – Amy Baxter, Principle Consultant

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone thinking of joining Quanta?

Take hold of the career opportunities that Quanta have to offer. Investing in our future – through training, mentorship or personal development – is another major value at Quanta and there is nothing to stop you succeeding if you want it. There are not many companies out there where you can start in a junior role, transfer across the business, climb the promotion ladder and be fully supported the whole way through. 

‘I have been working in Guy’s team for the last 4 years and during that time he has played a vital role in my growth and successes since transitioning from the delivery team to the business winning team. Thanks for all your support and congratulations for an amazing 15 years at Quanta, here’s to many more!’ – Ben Pope, Principle Consultant

Is Quanta the place for you?

If you want to join Quanta, be a part of our life changing industries and take advantage of the incredible learning and development opportunities on offer, we want to hear from you. For more stories from our team, take a look at what life at Quanta is all about and view all of our live roles here.