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IT Jobs in Spain

Alex McCrudden our consultant managing the role
Published on 31 May 2022

Spain may be known as a tan-worthy tourist hotspot, but as its economy continues to grow and their technology sector surges, it is fast becoming a destination for IT professionals to settle and work.

After the 2008 financial crisis, the country suffered a dip in employment which has gradually been recovering in recent years. In fact, employment in Spain has just hit a record high. It comes as industries are supercharging their hiring, with IT leading the way and becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in Spain in the last decade.

This is largely contributable to a 10 step Digital Plan 2025 the Spanish government implemented in 2020. Keen to keep up with global technological advancements, and strengthen the country’s suffering economy and employment prospects, strategic spending directed in these 10 areas have been helping bring the country into the modern world. In turn, IT jobs in Spain are aplenty and are expected to stay strong for the foreseeable future. Here are the top IT jobs in Spain currently being recruited for:

Project Management jobs

The role of a Project Manager is to oversee the implementation of a project, ensuring that tasks are broken down, schedules are followed, and resources are effectively allocated. As a result of Spain’s commitment to immerse the country into the digital age, transformation projects in economically strategic sectors such as Health, Tourism and Commerce are being implemented, and IT Project Managers are needed to meet their 2025 targets. Moreover, the Harvard Business Review notes that the booming project economy is here to stay, and with the highest constant growth in software development projects, so are IT Project Manager jobs.

Cyber Security Engineer jobs

Spain offers a diverse market for cyber security, and it is an important area for growth. As they embrace the cyber world, protecting IT infrastructure from digital attacks is becoming a priority. But because their business ecosystem is saturated with small to medium business enterprises that suffer with low levels of cyber security protocols, Cyber Security Engineers are in constant demand. As part of the Digital Plan, targets have been set to establish 20,000 Cyber Security Engineers by 2025 as a way to strengthen the country’s cyber security capacity, with many vacancies currently open.

Systems and Network Technician jobs

Systems and Network Technicians work with hardware, software, and entire information systems to ensure everything is working correctly. Most industries in the present day are computer-dependent, and Systems and Network Technicians are needed within organisations to look after their technical infrastructure. The Spanish economy is quickly getting back on its feet since the pandemic, and analysts are suggesting that the country is fast becoming one of the top internet business markets. With that in mind, healthy running networks and systems are a must and we are seeing a sharp increase in Systems and Network Technician jobs being advertised in Spain.

Cloud Engineering jobs

Another key strategy marked by their 2025 Digital Plan is to drive the country towards a data-led economy. Cloud infrastructure is a new necessary in data management; it effectively enables storage and real-time analysis of vast quantities at a time. In addition, introduction of new technologies (including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) set out by the country’s digitalisation plan is putting further pressure on the cloud computing market. It is expected that the cloud market in Spain will triple in volume by 2023, reaching an estimated 2.8 billion euros. As a result, Cloud Engineers are currently one of the most in demand Spanish jobs across all industries.

Service Desk and Application Support jobs

As the Spanish business sector adapts to digitalisation, integrating cloud software and making changes to online organisation systems, demand for in house technology support is at its highest yet. Service Desk and Application Support jobs exist within organisations from a broad range of sectors and are popular entry-level jobs for recent ICT and technology graduates. Tasks involve responding to queries on technical issues and offering solutions, working on projects to meet business needs, and maximising the effectiveness of the IT function for the company. They play a crucial part in maximising an organisation’s digital efficacy, resolving technological issues and supporting the business to function at full capacity.

Is it easy to get a job in Spain?

If you are an EU national, you are free to work and live in Spain with no restrictions. However, for non-EU nationals, you will have to secure a residence visa which makes landing a job here more tricky. For this you will need an existing job contract with a Spanish employer.

To get this, the job you are applying for must be listed on the shortage occupation list, and before the job is yours, the immigration officer must confirm that it hasn’t been possible to fill the role with a Spanish resident.

Luckily, Spanish IT jobs are in high demand and are listed on the shortage occupation list. Often, IT jobs in Spain tend to be on temporary contracts, so you can apply for temporary residency visas instead.

What is it like living in Spain?

The easy-going nature and excellent quality of life is a huge draw in for ex pats moving to Spain. Long, lazy days spent with vast coastlines, Mediterranean sun and welcoming culture combine to make a relaxing lifestyle. The nightlife and food scene are particularly celebrated, making it a favourite amongst British holidaymakers. There are multiple languages spoken and due to the vast British influence English is widely spoken, so it is likely that you will be able to live comfortably without fluent Catalan or Spanish.

Although there will be some work for IT workers in tourist hotspot areas, the key places where it is easy to build an IT career is around the main cities. Places like Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona are your better options – all with their own unique offering for those that live there.

Interested in an IT job in Spain?

Do you have a computer-related degree, or equivalent qualification, and has Spain been on your bucket list of destinations? Besides a promising career, the country offers some incredible perks for a short-term visit or more permanent stay, and our skilled IT recruitment team can help you get there. At Quanta, we provide international recruitment solutions to partners across the globe and are committed to ensuring our candidates are placed in a job that suits their unique requirements. Get in touch with our IT team today or browse our IT jobs here.