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My Work Experience at Quanta: Will Broome

Kate Davis our consultant managing the role
Posted by Kate Davis
Published on 4 July 2022

This work experience that I was lucky enough to experience, taught me a lot of life lessons, ranging from; social involvement and confidence, to how to cope in a working environment.

I am a year 10 (14 years old) student that is looking to be able to work in this type of business sector again in the future! I was welcomed in politely and wish to be welcoming other students into to work experience myself in the future.

Why Quanta was a GREAT choice:  
First of all, I thank Quanta for this experience and opportunity, as it has allowed me to realise that an office environment can be fun, enthralling and that it gives a chance for every colleague to experience something new.
Everyone listens and takes in the questions I asked, also speaking clearly when teaching me important knowledge that won’t just help me for this job, but for other positions that I may decide to work in one day.

How this will help for my future: 

With a varying business, I have to say, Quanta would be up there as the best opportunity that has thought me the most when it comes to being able to understand and take in the full work environment, whilst allowing me to develop new skills including:
  • Time management (maximising my productivity)
  • Meeting new people (key social skills)
  • And learning on how to adapt to certain departments throughout this business – QUANTA!

My Experience at Quanta:
This was a totally different experience to anything that I’ve had before, there was lots to do whether it was;
  • Shadowing sessions with staff or having an MS teams call sharing knowledge about the company.
  • I had endless enjoyment in my spare time! When it was either lunch or I had a small break, so I had lots of fun with all the friendly staff that I met along the way and I played and beat everybody I could at FIFA, but sadly lost to the LUCKY Ben Alger (whose been ‘looking after me this whole time’) at WII tennis, which he didn’t stop bragging to me about.
  • But I have got to say, I had some of my funniest memories at Quanta, and I would gladly revisit these memories again!