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Why diversity and inclusion are crucial for the IT Industry

Kelly Shirley our consultant managing the role
Posted by Kelly Shirley
Published on 25 July 2022

Teams and hiring managers in the information technology industry are striving for diversity as what was once a buzzword has quickly become an industry standard. Diversity and inclusion are now important goals in recruitment and hiring strategies, however, there is still work to do in the tech industry. Studies show that within the technology industry, women are underrepresented and there is a distinct lack of ethnicity, age and disability diversity. 

An inclusive IT industry can allow organisations to create an environment that showcases our diverse world. Information Technology’s contribution to the world can be inadequate if they fail to include a variety of ideas and perspectives making diversity one of the most important aspects of a successful industry. 

Here, we delve into why diversity and inclusion are important for an industry that is at the centre of the digital skills gap

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Greater innovation

When you build a tech team with a variety of genders, ages and ethnicities, disabilities and more, you’re getting the most out of having different perspectives in your team. Having a team from different backgrounds with different skills and experiences means the ideas generated will be diverse, which is a crucial element in information technology. 

In essence, it is advantageous to utilise each employee's abilities to foster innovation among your workforce. According to a BCG study, diversity improves a company's ability to innovate and perform financially. The performance of businesses was directly impacted by diversity, and those with more varied teams generated 19% more revenue. These statistics demonstrate that diversity is not only a desirable metric but also an essential component of a thriving industry.

Diverse and inclusive teams perform better

Having cognitively diverse perspectives in your team can help with problem-solving when challenges arise. According to the Harvard Business Review, teams who are diverse solve problems faster than teams who are cognitively similar.

Diversity and inclusion encourage individuals to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and perspectives on situations. When people don’t feel like they belong or are welcomed by their peers at work it creates an environment where these individuals can fail to reach their full potential.

It limits innovation and creativity in the workplace when only one group has all of the answers. For the IT industry to continue to thrive, everyone involved must make sure there is a diverse workforce with various backgrounds from which to refer to when developing products and ideas.

Attracting and retaining talent

A key benefit of diversity and inclusion is that it makes it easier to attract the top talent and reduce employee turnover. Whilst every member brings an inclusive culture to an organisation, it is down to the industry leaders to set an example and use their power to make employees feel like they belong.

An inclusive workplace can be an attractive prospect for the potential candidate and can often be the difference between losing out on a talented IT specialist. Company initiatives, visions and values are a great way to provide diversity culture in the IT industry and show prospective talent that they’ll be welcomed and appreciated within your organisation. 

Social Responsibility

In recent years, the digital transformation has resulted in information technology having an influence on almost every aspect of daily life; from how we shop, to how we communicate with one another. Therefore, organisations are beginning to believe that it is socially responsible for information technology companies to be diverse and foster true inclusion practices. 

Putting the implementation of information technology services and products in the hands of one demographic can result in a service that does not accurately reflect the communities that it serves. As we live in such a diverse world, the technology we’re using should be produced by a workforce reflective of the diversity of not just the countries we live in, but the world.

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