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Celebrating Tom Gorton’s 10 Years at Quanta

Tom Gorton our consultant managing the role
Posted by Tom Gorton
Published on 10 October 2023

The year is 2013, David Cameron is the prime minister, Thrift Shop was the top song, ‘selfie’ was added to the dictionary, and Quanta notes a momentous occasion much closer to home: Tom Gorton joins Quanta.  On October 7th, we congratulate Tom’s 10 years at Quanta. He has established himself as an industry expert within Quanta through his countless achievements, industry knowledge, client relationships, candidate care, and great management.

We sat down and asked him some questions about his time at Quanta...

Why did you join Quanta?

10 years feels like a long time ago now, but I’d been working in recruitment in the city, with a company with a poor structure and treatment of their staff, and I was at a point where I had decided I wanted a change. After a small search, I had set up a few interviews, one of which was at Quanta. I don’t want to praise David Broome too much, but it was his infectious enthusiasm for what he did in that first interview which led me to go through the rest of the process. Ultimately, they won me over with their enthusiasm, structure, but equally, the opportunity to grow and develop within an industry. The industry we work within is very interesting, which is quite unusual for this kind of role. 

Jenny Latham, Delivery Executive:

“Thomas Gorton, where do we start.

It’s been my pleasure working with you and building a phenomenal platform over the years, despite the occasional grumpiness, quips on my food choices and his questionable music taste.  

Right, that’s enough fun now!!

I’ve worked with Tom for ten years now and it’s safe to say, I’ve witnessed him develop and grow into what I can only describe as a dedicated, fastidious, valued friend and colleague.

Tom is dedicated to his role enormously; he takes such pride in understanding his clients and candidates and building relationships with them.

We’ve seen the emergence from a hair, car and gym focused young man into a truly knowledgeable expert in his work.”

What is your role at Quanta?

Initially, I did a bit of DE work maybe around two or three months, just to learn the industry and the market. But, after working a couple of roles I set up a business plan and was allowed to just crack on growing and developing new business relationships within the Life Science sector. I spent around 6 years on the business development side and then decided I wanted to focus on predominantly the Nordic regions, growing and developing those customers. So, currently I’m a sales team leader, and my role is split into two parts. Part one is basically coaching, mentoring, and leading the team: Alex, Meg, and Hannah. The other side of my role is looking after clients and over 120 consultants. This can also consist of seeking out new opportunities.

What do you love most about your job?

So, there are multiple things that are really quite rewarding from the team perspective, seeing them grow and succeed – watching them learn, apply, get new client deals, and then ultimately get promoted. Within the sales sides of things, I love going out and meeting new people, travelling to different places like Denmark and India, and building client relationships in face-to-face meetings. Finally, I have made a lot of good friends, not just within Quanta but also with clients. 

David Broome, CEO:

I have been fortunate to work with Tom throughout his Quanta career, a decade which Tom has demonstrated phenomenal commitment to his clients, candidates, colleagues and to Quanta.  Tom has a natural ability to nurture and develop long standing relationships and his attention to detail is second to none. Tom’s selfless approach is evident and on a daily basis he is always willing to share his knowledge with the Quanta team.

Tom embodies all our values, and we are so very lucky to have him as part of our team.  A decade of highlights, Tom’s contribution to Quanta’s growth is significant and I know our futures will continue to be hugely successful. Tom, I thank you for an immensely successful decade at Quanta, your accomplishments are significant, and you continue to raise the bar of excellence”.

What is your proudest moment at Quanta?

I mean the obvious one is the success of my team; we’ve booked over 100 starters this year and that was just three of us for most of the year. But also, the relationships that I forged over the last 10 years and maintaining relationships with clients.

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone wanting to join Quanta?

If you’re coming to Quanta, take the opportunity to learn from the people that are there – we are very fortunate and very unusual in our field with how much industry experience we have. Just take every opportunity you can to learn from people, go out and meet customers, and travel.

Ben Alger, Chief Sales Officer:

“I have worked with Tom for 10 years now and have had the pleasure of working directly with him for the last 6.  Tom is extremely knowledgeable of the recruitment process and has an excellent technical understanding of the Life Science industry.  When you incorporate this with Tom’s work ethic and his ability to lead from the front, it is easy to see why he has been so successful over his career with Quanta so far.  Thank you for always going above and beyond Tom, the future looks incredibly exciting”.