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Living and working in Denmark

Hannah Smith our consultant managing the role
Posted by Hannah Smith
Published on 14 March 2023

Looking for your next career move? Denmark could well be the perfect destination for you. As one of Europe’s most stylish countries, it is rich with business opportunities, bustling cities, and a great global economy. Here is why a move to Denmark could be a great decision:

Great opportunities to further your career

Denmark is a leading life sciences nation within Europe, along with its world class research utilities and leading scientists, Denmark is a great hub for drug development, biotechnology and medical technology research.  According to a new analysis from the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs life sciences companies contribute impressively to both R&D, economic progress and employment in Denmark - and foreign life sciences companies play an important role in this as well.

Looking for a job within a data centre? As you can imagine a country such as Denmark is growing their data centre markets. The increased demand for data storage and predictions of its future growth is high on the agenda in most Nordic Energy utilities these days. Due to the amounts of land available, developing data centres in this part of the world are on the up and because of this, we are expecting to see a boom in demand for skilled data centre workers including, data centre technicians, critical utilities engineers and many more.

Renewable energy is also another booming market in Denmark, with wind energy production and wind turbine production setting Denmark right near the top of the list in global leaders. In 2030 Denmark is expecting to see 50% of their energy to be supplied by renewable sources to align with the goal set by the Danish parliament that electricity will be independent from fossil fuels. These targets will have to be met with a vast number of skilled workers within the renewable energy sectors, making Denmark a hive of great renewable career prospects.

What does Denmark have to offer?

One of the bonuses of Denmark is the compact size of the country, it is extremely convenient to get around and is known for its beautiful architecture and design. However, Denmark’s greatest charm is its unique concept of ‘Hygge’ (pronounced as hoo-guh), which means to look out for a comfortable, cosy moment to cherish in your daily routine. Why not take a trip to a unique skiing experience at CopenHill, climb a mountain of sand at Råbjerg Mile or even head to Rubjerg Knude, an abandoned lighthouse soon to be swallowed by sand? If you fancy something a little more traditional then there are plenty of art galleries, museums and places of interest dotted around this fabulous country that can make the time you are not working even more fun and enjoyable.

Getting around Denmark

The size of Denmark means it is super easy to get around as many of Denmark’s train lines connect various smaller towns and villages to its amazing capital, Copenhagen. The best way to visit rural Denmark is by car, but if you want or need to travel by bus, be aware that you’ll probably get your bus at the railway station (in much of Scandinavia, buses take passengers to destinations not served by the train; therefore, the bus route often originates at the railway station.)

Find your next role with Quanta in Denmark

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