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Meet team USA - Adam Chaumeton

Adam Chaumeton our consultant managing the role
Published on 27 June 2023
Adam Chaumeton joined Quanta in November 2020, heading up our newest division at the time – Data Centres. With Adam at the helm,  the team achieved so much success and it wasn’t long before he was embarking on his next adventure – Team USA. Earlier this year Adam and his family relocated, ready for him to head up this new but flourishing team. Not long after, Principal Consultant Annabel Nangle, joined him. We spoke to him to find out how he’s getting on 5 months after relocating. 

Why were you open to relocating to the USA? 

From a personal perspective it was a fairly easy decision, my wife was open-minded about the move as she had lived in the States during university. From a professional standpoint, I was interested in starting something new, something that had a start-up environment but with the backing of such a successful company like Quanta. I knew I had the support of everyone at HQ to help build a team out here, it was just a very exciting opportunity.

What excited you most about the opportunity? 

Embracing new environments and culture and generally experiencing life in the US was so exciting to us. The opportunities for our business are massive and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to play a major role in growing our brand in a new environment, especially one as thriving as the states, especially North Carolina.

What’s exciting about the LS industry in NC? 

The sheer scale of investment in the area, not just in the Life Science industries. The RTP (research Triangle Park) is growing with new businesses and infrastructure. We are seeing clients we have worked with in other locations across the globe making the decision to come to North Carolina and develop projects in the RTP.  It’s developing at such pace, I recently read that 300/400 people are choosing to relocate to North Carolina per week due to the investment happening right now. I have spoken to people that have lived here for 5+ years and they can’t believe how much the place has grown in that time, I can say that I even I have seen a change since my visit only a year ago! And from our team’s perspective, it’s very exciting. It’s a hot bed for Life Science activity, a number of our clients and prospective clients are setting roots here and if they aren’t I think they will be soon. It’s the place to be. 

What are the benefits about being in the USA? 

The obvious one is being close to clients. And I’ve probably said it already by the opportunity is massive, especially from a revenue standpoint, it’s far greater than other regions we’ve historically worked in. Compliance is easier to navigate here, the candidates are moving state to state, opposed to different countries so that makes that element of the job a bit more straight forward and we have an amazing compliance team for any issues that we do have. 
The States is looked at as the land of opportunity, and it really is. Opportunities are everywhere if you have the mindset to put yourself out there and go seek them out, especially when it comes to networking, face to face meetings are very popular and important for building your brand which is considered crucial here. 

Another benefit of being in the USA is that we find people are very loyal, whether this is on a personal level or in professional partnerships. If you’re willing to build that rapport and relationship, then you will become their go-to person. It really aligns with Quanta’s vision and way of working – building our personal brands and becoming the defo recruitment partner for our candidates and client.

It’s been 5 months since you relocated, how has it been? How have you adjusted to US life? 

Of course it’s different but not drastically. We haven’t moved to a big city which has meant that it feels more similar to home, so the transition has been easier than we anticipated. My daughter has settled in well and is enjoying pre-school which makes it all worth it!  I wouldn’t say it’s been easy but it’s not been as hard as we thought it would be. 

What’s been your highlights? 

There’s so many. When we landed in North Carolina, we really hit the ground running as a team and are ahead of our targets, which is amazing. We’ve had two new Business Development Executives join the team Ali Quan and Gabriela, having those new faces in the office has injected new life to the team. Outside of work my highlights have been exploring the surrounding area of Raleigh, Durham and Cary; eating great BBQ food and visiting the beach. I love how easy it is to explore the different parts of the country, I’m off to Washington DC for a weekend soon, there’s great exploring opportunities. 

What’s been challenging about kicking off Team USA stateside? 

I’m a big believer in if you’re going to do something to do it properly so finding the capacity to cover everything as a small team has been challenging at times. We’ve had to adjust to the differences between staffing and recruiting in the USA to what we‘re used in the UK, even down to the terminology. The rest of our team are based in the UK so at times relying on and engaging with the HQ team, whilst factoring in a time difference has been tricky. But it’s all a learning curve and I believe that we have adjusted successfully. 

What do you miss the most about the UK? 

Aside from friends and family - good coffee and Dairy Milk Chocolate. Anyone that has visited me from the UK has brought UK care packages with anything I’m missing.  

What does the future hold for Team USA? 

We would like a new team name! If anyone has any suggestions?  We plan to grow our team further as well as welcoming Zweli (Delivery Executive) who is relocating from the UK, which will mean a move to a bigger office. We will definitely be making the most of being able to get out and about, visiting new clients face to face and visiting new regions, ultimately making lots of partnerships and building great relationships and our candidate network further. 

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