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A Day in the Life of a Data Manager

Louis Dowling our consultant managing the role
Posted by Louis Dowling
Published on 22 April 2024

The data-driven world we live in would not be possible without data managers. But what exactly does a data manager do? Their day-to-day can vary depending on the industry and project, but the data manager’s primary objective is ensuring the accuracy, organisation, and accessibility of digital information.


A Day in the Life

A day in the life of a data manager can vary greatly depending on the industry and project they're involved in. However, their primary objective remains consistent: to safeguard the integrity of data while facilitating its efficient use. This involves a multitude of tasks, from creating and documenting data processes and policies to executing data integration and migration projects and protecting digital databases from security breaches.


Collaboration and Communication

Data managers work closely with data analysts, design managers, and engineering design leads collaborating on tasks such as data validation to ensure accuracy and completeness, and data cleaning to identify and correct inconsistencies. They might use specialised software or programming languages like SQL to manipulate and analyse data, extracting meaningful insights and trends. Moreover, efficient communication between different teams within an organisation is essential, and data managers play a vital role in enabling this communication.



In addition to their hands-on tasks, data managers devote time to documentation. They keep records of data collection processes and create data dictionaries to ensure consistent data handling. This documentation ensures transparency and reliability in data management processes.


Instructional Role

Data managers also play an instructional role within organisations. They provide training on data management best practices and help colleagues understand how to effectively collect, store, and analyse information. This educational aspect empowers others within the organisation to leverage data effectively for decision-making purposes.



Within data management, staying up to date with best practices, emerging technologies, and changing regulations is essential. Data managers actively participate in team meetings, ensuring alignment and adherence to timelines, and implement robust data backup and recovery plans to safeguard business continuity.


Find a Rewarding Career in Data Management

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