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Case Study - Ben Pope

Ben Pope our consultant managing the role
Posted by Ben Pope
Published on 15 August 2019

Ben joined Quanta in 2016 as a result of his desire to get involved in a career path where he could develop and progress. With a background covering everything from being a supervisor at a major UK supermarket to working in a sales position in an agriculture company, his skillset and familiarity with multiple job sectors made him an ideal choice for the varied work covered by Quanta.

My job is all about dealing with existing clients and branching out into new areas”

Starting life in the company as an in-house Delivery Executive, responsible for sourcing candidates for roles across the business and working closely with Sales Executives, he has since started the Fast Track to Sales and has been promoted to Principal Consultant, specialising in Sales within the Quality Assurance, Remediation and Auditing sector. A developing area of expertise for Quanta, Ben’s role will be vital in helping the company to branch out, develop current client relationships and foster new ones.

The Fast Track programmes give you all the information you need to hit the ground running”

To augment his skills in sales, Ben is currently doing the Fast Track to Sales programme, having previously completed the Fast Track to Delivery Executive. Covering everything a new starter needs to know about sales and recruitment, the programmes outfit employees with all the skills needed to hit the ground running, as well as providing them with a detailed understanding of the way in which Quanta likes to do business.

Indeed, the Fast Track to Sales programme has proved particularly useful to Ben, especially as it helps new sales people experiment with ways of approaching different situations. It also gives participants the chance to talk to seasoned Sales Executives and listen to the methods they use- something that Ben has since adapted to his own Sales work. Engaging and detailed, they are an ideal learning resource for any employee and have since helped Ben feel confident in tackling his new role.

Working at Quanta gives you the chance to progress”

Ben’s journey at Quanta started with his desire to find a progressive, interesting career, despite not knowing which industry he wanted to pursue. He describes his journey into recruitment as a great chance to develop, upskill and progress within the recruitment sector.

The future is all about taking great strides, as Ben hopes to finish his course in Fast Track to Sales and establish himself within his new role. With the chance to build up his list of clients, and cultivate a strong relationship with them, he wants to carry on building his career in the right direction- and Quanta is the ideal place to do it.

In the two years since Ben’s been with Quanta, he’s completed both the Fast Track to Delivery and Fast Track to Sales training courses, gaining crucial sales skills and placing roles across Europe and Australia. His expertise within the life sciences sectors of quality, remediation and auditing have made him an asset to the company, and he’s recently gained a promotion that reflects this.

“I’m now a Principal Consultant”

After completing Fast Track to Sales, Ben solidified his move into the sales team and is now a Principal Consultant. He works with some of Quanta’s biggest clients across pharmaceutical, biotech, biopharmaceutical and medical devices and enjoys the global nature of his role.

“I’ve adapted the skills from the Fast Track to Sales session and now use them every day”

The transition from identifying and resourcing candidates to selling to clients was a lot to learn, says Ben, which made the Fast Track to Sales training essential. Adapting the skills he learnt in each session into his everyday work has helped him to develop as a Principal Consultant, and he finds himself using all aspects of the training on a regular basis.


“The training around negotiation was particularly helpful”

While all elements of the training have proven beneficial to Ben, he says negotiation training has helped him enormously in his sales role. Along with this, he highlights roleplays for new business introductory calls, closing and objection handling as the most beneficial modules from the training.


“I make use of the Smart Times available with trainers”

Although Ben has completed his Fast Track training for now, he still makes the most of the opportunity to have refresher sessions with Quanta’s trainers, focusing on areas he’d like to improve or expand on. There are also quarterly peer enhancement group (PEG) sessions with colleagues and senior consultants, which are confidential sessions where Quanta team members can share information, ask questions and support each other.


“I’m now looking forward to expanding my platform”

Now entrenched in the sales world, Ben is eager to expand his role, connect with more clients and eventually create his own desk. Looking to the future, he’d like to take part in the Fast Track to Leadership training in the coming years.