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Sourcing talent in an emerging market: floating wind

Matthew Bowles our consultant managing the role
Published on 28 March 2023


Our expert recruitment teams ensure they are up to date with the latest developments within their field. Since 2017, our renewable energy recruitment consultants have been tracking clients and projects within a new emerging market in offshore wind: floating wind technology.


Two floating wind organisations gave Quanta assignments that they were struggling to fill. Both were recruiting within locations that were nascent to offshore wind technology. The challenges that were identified included:

1. Difficult locations with limited pools of talent

2. A new market with few experienced professionals

3. Short term contract assignments

4. A client new to recruiting via external partners


1. Qualified client requirements: joined virtual weekly client calls to quantify requirements, set expectations on timeframes and advised on rates based on market knowledge and candidate expectations.

2. Candidate pools: used our established offshore wind database, pool of previously worked with contractors, network connections, LinkedIn, specialist job boards and dedicated Delivery Executive team to create a candidate pool with strong offshore wind experience. that could transfer into floating wind.

3. Engaged with passive marketplace: leveraged relationships with tracked candidates who were not actively available in the job market, promoting our clients’ benefits and opportunities to generate interest and receive recommendations from candidates’ personal networks.

4. Negotiated exclusivity: to apply more resources to the search, Quanta negotiated an exclusivity partnership, giving priority to the client and reassurance that timely solutions would be provided.

5. Location compliance: used our inhouse compliance team to ensure compliant candidate solutions were offered to clients, including local candidates and expat consultants, all whilst using the appropriate insurances and licenses.

6. Rate Card: savings were demonstrated to the client through directly agreeing rates with consultants and sourcing talent within the local workforce where possible to minimise relocation fees.


1. Placed multiple senior and specialised roles (within project controls, project management and engineering) in floating wind projects across multiple European locations.

2. Placed multiple trusted consultants who have previously worked with Quanta.

3. Established an ongoing exclusivity partnership with an esteemed floating wind organisation based on their experience working with us.

4. Enhanced our specialist candidate database with professionals who have floating wind experience, which we continue to grow.

5. Established Quanta’s presence in the floating wind recruitment scene, building our reputation as a supplier with a proven track record not only in fixed-bottom offshore wind, but within subsequent emerging technologies and locations.