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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

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Diversity & Inclusion at Quanta

Quanta is committed to placing equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of all that we do, eliminating unlawful discrimination and empowering our people to be their best, uncompromised selves. We are One Team, and every day live this value in everything we do.

We are building a diverse workforce that not only reflects and advances the clients we serve but encourages our clients and industries to do so too.

We aspire to lead our industry in addressing these challenges, so that we can learn, grow and advance together.


What is the purpose of our policy?

·        To ensure that every single one of our employees is surrounded by a safe, equal and fair environment.

·        To challenge prejudice and discrimination, ensuring our people feel confident, comfortable and safe to work.

·        Ensure that our practises are legally compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

·        To demonstrate to our clients, candidates and wider industry our commitment to DE&I and be an example of good recruitment practice.



We use neutral language that avoids stereotyping and the potential discouragement of individuals with protected characteristics from applying to our job advertisements. We ensure our candidate pools are diverse and no one is excluded from our screening process.



We ensure our internal training programmes address personal and professional development and are available to all.

We endeavour to grow our internal training programmes to continuously address, educate and provide support diversity, equality and inclusion in our workforce.   



Our inclusive culture means that all of our employees are rewarded for their hard work fairly. Once personal monthly targets are met, our employees have a choice of reward, and when the business hits their overarching targets, the entire team are rewarded unanimously.