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Terms of Business

Terms and Conditions Relating to the Introduction of Staff Services

1 – Definitions

In these terms and conditions and all the Contracts to which the terms and conditions apply:

(a) “Quanta” shall mean Quanta Consultancy Services Limited.

(b) “The Client” shall mean any individual to whom or any firm or company to which Quanta shall supply or offer to supply or introduce any technical or professional or any other employee, applicant or contractor.

(c) “The settlement period” shall mean 14 days.

2 – These terms and conditions shall be construed and take effect in accordance with the laws of the Host Country.

3 – Interview by the Client of an applicant introduced by Quanta shall be deemed to be acceptance by the Client of Quanta terms and conditions of business. Non compliance with this process will result in a penalty according to clause 10.

4 – No fee is payable by the Client until the Client or associate firm or corporation or individual remunerates or agrees to remunerate or engages or agrees to engage an applicant introduced by Quanta.

5 – A fee is payable in respect of every person introduced by Quanta who subsequently takes up employment, receives remuneration or agrees to receive remuneration with or from the Client or an associate firm or corporation now or at any time within six months from the date of interview or if more than one interview the date of the last interview preceding the agreement to engage the applicant concerned and in the case of the applicant having been introduced by working for the Client as a sub-contractor at any time within 9 months from the date of expiry of the last existing Contract between the sub-contractor subsequently employed on a permanent basis.

6 – Where an engagement giving rise to a fee under the foregoing clause is made by an associate firm or corporation, the Client to whom the original introduction was made by Quanta is liable to Quanta for payment of the fee in accordance with the terms hereof.

7 – The fee for a permanent placement is calculated as a percentage of the total annual commencing remuneration which shall for these purposes include weightings and any other addition to taxable emoluments including benefits in kind of whatsoever nature.

8 – The fee becomes payable when the successful applicant commences employment or is remunerated by the Client and will be invoiced accordingly. Invoices are payable within a 14 day settlement period. Failure to pay within this period will prevent clause 12 below being applied in the event of an early termination.

9 – The fees payable are as follows:

Commencing remuneration in sterling:

·         Up to £29,999 – 20%

·         £30,000 – £59,999 – 25%

·         Over £60,000 – 30%

In Euros:

·         up to 29,999 Euros – 20%

·         30,000 – 59,999 Euros – 25%

·         Over 60,000 Euros – 30%

10 – Should the client engage with a permanent or contract applicant introduced by Quanta and subsequently hire them via an alternative source within the timeframe noted in clause 5 there will be a penalty charge according to the relevant fee structures. 

11 – All fees are subject to Value Added Tax at the prevailing rate which will be added to the total invoice.

12 – Should a permanent applicant terminate employment before the expiry of eight weeks from the date when that employment began, Quanta will allow a credit to the Client in accordance with the following scale:

Period of Employment and credit allowed:

·         Within the first 4 weeks – 80% 

·         Exceeding 4 weeks less than 6 weeks – 40%

·         Exceeding 6 weeks less than 8 weeks – 20%

The credits referred to above will only be given upon written application being received from the Client within 7 days of the date of termination and provided that settlement on the original invoice took place within the settlement period.

13 – The service offered by Quanta is confidential to both Client and applicant and no approach must be made by either the Client or its associate companies or employees to present or previous employers of the applicant without the express consent of the applicant.

14 – Quanta cannot be held liable for any loss or damage whether directly or indirectly arising from any act or omission of any applicant introduced.