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"5 star experience"

Annabel Nangle our consultant managing the role
Published on 23 May 2019
"The entire process of working with Annabel/Quanta was second to none. It wasn't just the case of a call and that was it - I was kept up to date with the developments as and when they happened. This is certainly not the case with other suppliers. I was always called/texted or e-mailed on what was happening to ensure I was okay with everything. When the actual onboarding happened, this did not stop which is a great comfort to know someone else is looking out for you (especially when its a role abroad). Even with little things like travel arrangements, accommodation etc., you and the rest of the team were always on hand to help and advise. When it comes to getting replies from you and the team it is always fast if not instant! For me personally I will work abroad for as long as I can and I hope it will be with Quanta as it has been a 5 star experience"

Contractor, Cleaning Validation, BMS

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