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What Makes Quanta Unique?

Why Choose Quanta?

We identify that our candidates are not only important assets for our business; they are individuals with unique talents, skills and needs.

We recognise that the more we know and understand our candidates, we have an increased ability to support and place them in roles where they can thrive.

Vision and Values

Industry Knowledge

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We recruit for a range of functions and are renowned for the quality of our Quanta contractors. Our network of clients is supported by Quanta recruitment consultants who receive ongoing training in their respective market sector, ensuring we always know what is going on in the industry.

This in-depth knowledge across the IT, Data Centres, Life Sciences and Renewable Energy sectors means we can match candidates to roles perfectly. Once they are placed, we ensure candidates receive the support they need.

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Because we want to attract the best candidates and to have experienced contractors working with us, we know it is important to do everything we can to be the best recruitment company for them.

Our approach to candidate care involves placing people in the most relevant positions and maintaining an honest and open dialogue throughout their contract period and beyond. We also assist contractors to fit in to their new roles, particularly when the placement involves an overseas transition.

We only recommend candidates who we know can do the job well and that is why we take the time to get to know everyone we work with. Finally, we know how important it is to pay contractors promptly and our reputation in this regard is second to none.

This ethos has allowed us to maintain a number of mutually beneficial long-term working relationships, and we pride ourselves on the number of our freelance consultants who return to work with us time and time again


We ensure that our contractors are provided with fully compliant legal solutions that take account of the host country's tax and social regulatory conditions, thus protecting you against issues such as tax or employment claims.

Our experienced in-house legal and compliance support team are on hand to assist with this and to also provide a dedicated contact for the duration of the employment.

Where appropriate our services can offer local contractor compliance, emergency medical support, repatriation, visa support, travel support and accommodation. We also provide our contractors with country-specific support and knowledge to ensure they settle into their new assignments quickly and efficiently.


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Thanks to our historic reputation in our three varied industries, we are proud to have long-standing agreements and be preferred suppliers of some of the largest life science, renewable energy and IT companies across the globe.

We understand that companies and candidates needs will change over time and we are keen on ensuring our team have the most extensive and up-to-date knowledge to guarantee our service remains second to none.

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