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What makes a Quanta contractor famous?

Ben Alger our consultant managing the role
Posted by Ben Alger
Published on 9 February 2017

Quanta contractors are the best in the business. We present our clients with candidates who are skilled, qualified, experienced and ready to hit the ground running, and over time we have become well known for this within the industry. So what makes our contractors stand out from the pack?

Quanta contractors are skilled professionals 

As a delivery-focused organisation, we put a lot of effort into finding candidates with the right knowledge and skills to match our clients’ needs. We seek out contractors who are technically strong and qualified to work in the positions we place them in, and only put candidates forward for roles we know they can do - and do well. We will usually send clients no more than three CVs for any given position as we are confident our carefully selected contractors are more than capable of filling the role.

At Quanta, we unite people with life changing industries and we can proudly say our contractors work hard to make the world a better place.

Quanta contractors typically get their contracts extended

Because of the dedication and technical aptitude our contractors demonstrate, 60-70% of them have their contracts extended. We have built up positive long-term relationships with a number of international clients and are proud of the trust we have with both clients and contractors.

Quanta contractors return to us time and time again

We take the time to get to know our contractors and understand what they do well and what they enjoy. By ensuring smooth transitions into new roles and regular communication throughout the contract periods, we have maintained a strong network of contractors who have returned to us for multiple projects.

Quanta contractors are part of the Quanta global network

We have worked with clients in more than 20 countries across six continents and have experience mobilising candidates all over the world. Our mobilisation process involves a high level of ongoing support and assistance to ensure candidates who relocate for contracts feel secure and welcome in their new role. Our global network is assisted by a dedicated point of contact and we are happy to provide information to help get contractors settled into their new environment with ease.

Quanta contractors are committed to the success of the projects they work on

Our contractors are known for their high levels of contribution to the projects on which they work, always looking for opportunities to add value. We expect our contractors to be committed for the duration of the project and produce a high standard of work throughout, and this is reflected in our exceptionally low drop-out figures. Whether they work in the life science, renewable energy or ICT sector, a Quanta contractor will always remain focused and professional.

If you are a contractor looking for the right recruitment company to take your career further, contact us to learn more about what we can offer you. Organisations who want to work with an agency committed to providing the best possible service and support can learn more about our expertise here.

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