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People at Quanta: Josi

Josefine Pope our consultant managing the role
Posted by Josefine Pope
Published on 19 March 2018

The Quanta team has grown significantly in recent years, with increasing demands from clients and candidates resulting in us adding entire new divisions and team members to our business. As part of this, we saw our Delivery Team grow to the point where we needed a team leader for our renewable energies department. That’s where Josi Pope came in.

Josi joined Quanta in 2015 and thrived as a Delivery Executive. Her natural ability to lead others, renewables knowledge and strong communication skills made her a perfect fit for the position of Team Leader. She spoke to us about her time at Quanta so far:

Quanta hadn’t had a Renewable Energies Delivery Team Leader before I took on the role

Quanta’s rapid growth in the past few years has seen us not only take on more business, but also more team members. As part of this expansion, it was identified that the renewable energies division of our Delivery Team needed its own team leader. Quanta’s training and development are part of what makes it such a great company to work for, and because of this I felt able (and excited!) to apply for the role. After completing a full interview process, I got the job.

My team is responsible for identifying and engaging with candidates

My day-to-day role is all about supporting and developing the Delivery Team. I help with roles they’re working on, searching for candidates and answering questions on the roles, as well as conducting performance reviews and ensuring they’re on track with their development and training. While we’re not hugely KPI-driven at Quanta, we do have targets to work towards and everyone knows what they need to achieve to take the next step in the company.

I currently have five people reporting into me, though I expect this to grow as we have the next intake of Delivery Executives coming in. I get great support from my manager and the sales team. The Fast Track to Leadership programme has really helped to instil management and people leadership skills in me, and I use that training every day.

Windfarms are our main focus in Renewable Energies, but we are expanding too

We currently work with three of the major renewables operators, with expansion plans into Europe. Wind energy remains huge for us, with several projects kicking off in the UK at the moment. We also have an increased focus on energy from waste, both within the UK and Europe, and heavy lift. Our offshore clients typically look for candidates who have GWO certification. Candidates can come from all stages of the windfarm lifecycle, including planning, design, construction and commission, operation and maintenance. We also recruit for project managers across the whole lifecycle.

The friendly environment is the best thing about working here

The people I work with make it fun to come into the office every day. It’s not the typical work environment – we have fun while we work, and we’re given the autonomy and freedom to enjoy what we do while still having high expectations.

My proudest work moment was moving into my leadership position

My promotion to the Delivery Team Leader role made me realise how much support there is at Quanta and how many people believe in me. After deciding I wanted to go for the position, I went through the full interview process, just like any external candidate would. When I got the job on the back of this, I knew that I was a good fit, and that I could do it.

The training and development I provide to my team is also a source of pride for me. I love the people element of this job and can see myself continuing with management and leadership as I progress in my career. I love the reward you get from seeing people you’ve helped do well.

Josi’s journey from Delivery Executive to Team Leader shows how people at Quanta can thrive and progress into new roles and areas. We love watching our team grow – find out more about the people behind Quanta here, or click here to learn more about joining us.