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New growth at Quanta: Regulatory affairs, permanent placement and more

David Broome our consultant managing the role
Posted by David Broome
Published on 18 September 2017

For more than 25 years, Quanta has been focused on delivering exceptional service to a largely contract-based market. Our expertise in the core business areas of ICT, renewable energy and life sciences has gone from strength to strength, but that doesn’t mean we’re not always looking to grow, develop and expand.

As part of our strategy to push forward into new areas, we’re welcoming Andrew Pieri as our newest Global Business Manager. With plenty of experience and an eye for the future, Andrew is looking forward to further developing some of our latest offerings. Here’s what he has to say: 

What are you doing at Quanta?

“I’ve been brought on as a Global Business Manager to help set up a new team and introduce new services. My experience within the recruitment sector, and in establishing and developing new teams, will couple with my fresh ideas and positive outlook to help develop new areas of the Quanta business.”

What’s new about what you’re doing?

“Quanta has built a strong platform in the specific life sciences vertical. My role is to develop a team that builds on this and establishes new vertical markets, such as in regulatory affairs. As a business, we’ve touched on many of these areas in the past and have done so with success, so my team is going to offer dedicated sales consultants who will really drill down into these verticals and build them up. We’ll have regulatory affairs-specific consultants across life science markets in the UK, wider Europe and potentially Asia and North America. We’re also going to focus more on ICT and pharma, particularly the growth markets of cyber security and big data.

Another big development will be within the permanent placement area. While we have touched on this in the past, the vast majority of our work has been focused on the supply of exceptional contract talent. As of October, this is going to be enhanced with a new focus on permanent placements to complement the contract department.”

Why are you setting this new area up?

“At Quanta, we listen to what our clients want, and we have been approached by many to see if we can investigate regulatory affairs and support them in their recruitment for this market. This demand suggested that the desire for regulatory affairs consultancy was likely to be widespread, so it made sense to set up the new business area.

The same goes for the permanent division – we’ve always had clients looking for us to provide more permanent candidates, and we feel that the time is now right to resource this internally and really dedicate ourselves to providing the same level of exceptional support to this area as we do contract recruitment. We’ll have a dedicated sales consultant heading up permanent recruitment, which is an exciting service we’re thrilled to be offering.”

What is your experience within the industry?

“Despite falling into recruitment completely by accident, I ended up loving it and now have more than 12 years’ recruitment experience under my belt. Previously I spent nearly eight years at an oil and gas recruitment company, which had a similar structure and culture to Quanta. I worked my way up from a recruitment consultant through to the regional director for the European business unit, managing a large recruitment team. I then joined a London-based IT recruitment company where I established a brand new team. From there, I decided to seek out a more positive, autonomous and supportive working culture, which I found at Quanta.”

What do you like more about working at Quanta?

“When I first moved to Quanta, it felt like home. It’s a great fit for me and an environment I’m comfortable in, allowing people to take ownership of their work while still offering plenty of support. Quanta places real trust in its team and gives them the skills and best practices in order to perform their work exceptionally well. Each level within the business has a dedicated Fast Track training programme, which helps to show people how they can progress.

In addition, the people at Quanta are fundamentally fantastic. Everyone lives and breathes the core values, and we have experienced recruitment superstars working alongside – and supporting – those who are just getting started in the industry. It’s a business that does incredibly well but still has a sense of humbleness.”

What are you most excited about in the future at Quanta?

“My main aspiration – and indeed what I’m best at – is seeing my team grow, develop and excel. There is huge growth within the company and big aspirations, which makes it really exciting for me as I nurture my team. I’m all about facilitating my team to reach their own aspirations and potential.

From a business line perspective, the focus on regulatory affairs and big data could lend itself to work within clinical trials and potentially medical devices. Time will tell!”

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