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Inside QA remediation: An expanding market

Ben Pope our consultant managing the role
Posted by Ben Pope
Published on 15 May 2018

Quanta’s expertise in vertical markets is well-known within the industry, and our work in QA remediation in particular has gone through a massive boom in recent times. As one of our newer verticals, we’ve been investing time and energy into developing and expanding QA remediation support, achieving significant growth over the past five years. Here’s what’s happening in this space:

What is QA remediation?

QA remediation is largely concerned with overhauling pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to ensure they’re ready for inspection and manufacture. Professionals working in remediation undertake quality assurance and control processes to ensure products and facilities are in line with industry standards overseen by governing organisations such as FDA, MHRA and IDA.

What kind of work do we do in QA remediation?

We’ve provided recruitment solutions to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical organisations since 2001, establishing a global network of qualified, vetted industry candidates. Our extensive knowledge of the pharma and biopharma industries ensures we are in the best place to help organisations improve their operational capabilities, with our database of QA remediation professionals experts in their fields. The last five years have seen us really expand the services we provide within QA remediation, and we have a dedicated department that focuses purely on the delivery of quality professionals to some of the biggest projects in the world. By ensuring our candidates are of the highest standard, we allow our clients more time to focus on conducting successful qualification and validation projects in order to have their sites up and running more efficiently. We have a strong focus on compliance and mobilisation, reducing stress on the part of the candidate and client and allowing everyone to hit the ground running.

What can we expect to see in the future?

The life sciences sector is continuing to expand, which will see more opportunities for QA remediation professionals not just within Europe, but also further afield. We’re seeing significant investment from global organisations looking to sell their products into new countries, with yet more focus on ensuring the safety and quality of products on the market. There’s also been an increase in acquisitions as organisations look to increase their product portfolio. This typically results in the need to re-qualify systems and equipment, as well as looking at quality systems and documents, all of which require trained professionals. We can expect to see demand for roles such as Quality Officers, Quality Managers, Quality Consultants and Specialists, and Inspection Readiness professionals. QA Consultants in particular are in high demand – with around 10-15 years’ experience, these candidates tend to be experts within their field, resulting in a candidate-driven market.

What are the exciting opportunities?

Within QA remediation, the most exciting elements of a project tend to be the locations in which projects are based. India is a burgeoning market for us, with South Africa, Indonesia, China, South Africa and Russia all becoming increasingly popular. Our candidates have the opportunity to work in fast-paced environments with world-leading life sciences organisations, with high rates and the ability to take on a true consultant role.

The political situation in the USA will also present new opportunities for QA remediation professionals. We can expect to see large organisations involved in life sciences R&D with more money to spend on developing new systems and products, thanks to the reduction in corporation tax. As a result, the FDA will be busier than ever conducting QA processes for organisations manufacturing drugs to bring into the nation.

As for the team at Quanta, we’re looking forward to seeing ongoing growth within the QA remediation vertical, offering additional services to new and existing clients. We have a truly global reach, supporting organisation with continuous improvement, sitewide remediation and auditing, providing the highest quality candidates on the market. We pride ourselves on improving client manufacturing processes by providing high quality remediation support and expertise, and look forward to expanding this further.

If you’re interested in learning more about the QA remediation services we offer at Quanta, contact Ben Pope to start a conversation. Alternatively, read our case study on overcoming remediation challenges.