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Celebrating 10 years with Quanta: Lauren Potter

Lauren Potter our consultant managing the role
Posted by Lauren Potter
Published on 19 November 2019
Lauren joined Quanta in 2009 and in those 10 years she has impressively progressed from an admin role to become an Associate Director in our delivery team. How has she done this? Lauren has embraced all things Quanta and has proved herself as an invaluable member of the team, even being awarded Great Team Player in 2018.

Here are some words on her time at Quanta:

“I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every moment”

Lauren has enjoyed every day that she’s come into the Quanta office and one major reason for this is her team. Not only are they fun to work with but everyone’s ambition has meant they’ve achieved so many objectives. Lauren considers herself very fortunate to have a great team around her who make her job extremely enjoyable - the great work-life balance is just one of the many benefits she gets from working at Quanta.

“I have been incredibly lucky with the training and support that I’ve have received”

The support that Lauren has received from Quanta over the last decade has helped her move from the admin department into a delivery executive role. After completing an account support role, she progressed into a delivery leadership role and was then promoted to delivery manager. Last year Lauren was given the opportunity to take part in the “pathway to associate director” programme, after which she secured her current role of associate director of delivery. Colleagues like Lauren who show ambition are rewarded with a successful career at Quanta and although she’s progressed into a senior position, she says that without the great support from her manager she wouldn’t know how she’d do the job. Lauren also notes that as well as receiving staff training, in the last 10 years she has also received support for her personal development and training.

“I am so fortunate to work alongside the best team”

For Lauren, it’s not just that her Quanta colleagues are great but it’s the way they work together as a team that makes her job so enjoyable. Of all the values at Quanta the one which runs throughout the business the most, day in and day out, is that of one team. Lauren explains that all the departments work so well together because everyone shares the same vision and values, and they all work incredibly hard to deliver a first-class service to our clients and candidates. Lauren’s passion for the team is evidenced in her winning not only Team Player of the Year in 2018, but also Team of the Year.

And Lauren couldn’t forget to mention the fun and friendly office environment – it’s decked out with a ping-pong table, games console, TVs, beanbags and a ball pit too. She explains that because everyone works so hard it’s important for them all to have a space to socialise and have fun.

“My advice to building a lasting career at Quanta is don’t run before you can walk”

Lauren’s words of wisdom here are that anyone starting out their Quanta journey should use their first year to build a foundation for a successful future. This means throwing yourself into the training and absorbing the experience of your fantastic team members. Lauren advises that everyone use their first year to listen, learn and put in the maximum amount of effort. And if you do, she assures that you’ll be rewarded with recognition, success and the unbeatable feeling of being a part of a great team. Lauren is living proof of this – she was the recipient of the Unsung Hero award in 2013 and Employee of the Year in 2015.

Make a difference with a career at Quanta

Our visions and values are the building block for everything that we do at Quanta. They ensure everyone’s goals are aligned with the businesses’ goals so that we provide a great service to our clients and candidates, and have fun doing it. Why don’t you become the newest member of our team?