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4 reasons to consider a career in data centres

Adam Chaumeton our consultant managing the role
Published on 27 August 2019

Earlier this year we predicted that 2019 would see the continued vast growth in data centres across the world. There has never been a better time to get into the industry, so we share 4 reasons why a career in data centres could be the right move for you:

Data continues to dominate

The upwards trend in the size of the data centre industry shows no sign of slowing. With some global organisations set to double the size of their data centres by the end of 2019, investment in the space is predicted to grow again this year. One of the main reasons for this is the increased perceived importance of data amongst the industries clients, with the likes of GDPR and the associated financial risks meaning companies are clamouring to sure up their data. This is coupled with the proven scalability of data centres, showing that the industry shouldn’t encounter any physical barriers to growth in the near future. This all means more jobs are rapidly becoming available.

Skills Shortage

All of the above means that companies are struggling to find the talent they need to fill the roles within their data centres. According to the Annual global Data Centre survey 2019, 61% of hiring managers in data centres are having difficulty recruiting the staff they need. The growth in the industry means jobs are appearing faster than people are training to fill them, meaning that qualified data centre employees are very much in demand. This demand has contributed to a growth in salaries in the industry too, with around a £10,000 increase in the average salary since 2012 meaning data centre jobs now pay on average £55,000 p.a. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to consider a career in data centres.

People love Data Centres

As reported by Network World, employees in data centres are amongst the most satisfied in their jobs, with 72% of respondents to Informa Engage and Data Center Knowledge’s survey saying they “love their job”. On top of that, 75% said they would encourage their children to follow them into a career in data centres. The reasons for this were identified as a sense of importance in the industry’s place in the world, satisfaction that their skills were highly recognised and respected, and large amounts of potential career progression both inside and outside their current employer.

Quanta make it easy to take the next step!

At Quanta, we have a dedicated Data Centres team, who use their excellent relationships with major clients in the industry to put people in real life-changing roles. Offering “invaluable support throughout any hiring process” the team will make sure you find a role that suits you. Whether it’s a step up the career ladder or first step into a new area, Quanta have a wide array of data centre jobs for you to browse.

Find out more about our team here or browse our latest data centre jobs here.