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What are your career resolutions for the new decade?

Charlotte Dennis our consultant managing the role
Published on 15 January 2020
The new year is the perfect time for a career revaluation. If you want to become more career-focused in 2020 then setting yourself some clear resolutions will be the motivation you need to achieve those long-term goals. No matter whether your goal is a promotion, a lateral move within your company or something entirely different – you need to set distinct aims to stay on track and ensure you’re investing in your future.

Ready to push your career forward? Here are four career resolutions for the decade.

What are your three words?

It’s easy to start the year saying that you’ll take the initiative to be a better leader but remaining motivated and putting this into action can be hard. To keep focused on what you want to achieve this year, all you need are three simple words.

These words should be personal to you and therefore may have no meaning to anyone else. Each word will act as guidance for you when choosing what projects to work on and how you should allocate your time. For example, your three words may be ‘do, challenge, track’. Now, rather than having a flimsy objective you have three keywords which will direct your decisions and help you reach your end goal.

Nurture your mentor relationship

A boss and a mentor are not synonymous - in some cases your boss may not be the most appropriate person for the role of your mentor. Instead, you may seek a 'peer mentor', someone who you can look to for guidance since you are both going through the same stage in your careers. Or perhaps what you need is an 'expertise mentor' who has worked in the role that you’re aiming for. This person can give you insider advice about how the challenges they faced and the tricks they wish someone else had told them.

The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that we are 65% more likely to achieve a goal when we share it with someone else, and this climbs to 95% if you set a formal appointment to review the goal. Evidently, mentorship is a worthy career resolution, as your guide will hold you accountable and ensure that you remain committed to your career goals in 2020. 

Don’t get behind in the digital world

Digital technology is continuing to permeate all industries - driving them but also redefining them. A recent Microsoft report predicts that by 2040 90% of jobs will require a moderate digital skillset, meanwhile we will see a digital skills gap emerge. This is especially true in the life sciences industry where large biopharma companies are now hiring for a Chief Digital Officer position. What’s more interesting is these companies are recruiting candidates who traditionally come from digital backgrounds, rather than seeking those with a strong background in life sciences.

To become a digital mastermind you need to stay informed by reading around the subject. Financial Times, Business Insider and TechCrunch all have information that ranges from general to highly technical – meaning you can ease yourself into it and use it as some light reading at times. You should also consider upgrading your digital skills either by asking your company if they offer any technical support or enrolling yourself in an online course.

Learn a skill not directly related to your job

Learning a new skill not only stimulates your brain but it’s a highly desirable item to have on your CV. For instance, with so many renewable energy opportunities opening up across Europe, it could be a strategic move to learn conversational German, Swedish or Italian. English may be the universal language of business for now, but picking up some phrases in a different language is a great way to invest in yourself and help boost your career options.

Alternatively, negotiation and delegation are two separate skills that you may not directly need for your job, but you’ll reap huge benefits from learning them. Negotiation is obviously important when trying to close a deal with clients, but it’s also priceless for those moments when you need someone to help you with a last-minute task. As for delegation, this skill can help you become a better leader and learn how to play to other’s strengths.

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