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Celebrating 10 years with Quanta: Alex McCrudden

Alex McCrudden our consultant managing the role
Published on 2 March 2020
It’s a big year for anniversaries at Quanta! We’re celebrating 10 years of Alex McCrudden, our Principal Consultant who has been instrumental in developing our ICT specialism. He spoke to us about his time at Quanta:

“I started as a Delivery Executive before progressing to Account Management”

After moving locally to Berkhamsted with a couple of years’ recruitment experience under his belt, Alex discovered Quanta which happened to have a position available. After a memorable interview process (what’s your most embarrassing moment?!) he joined as a Delivery Executive and supported one of Quanta’s long-term customer accounts before taking full client responsibility as an Account Manager. In addition to supporting legacy clients, Alex has opened doors with a variety of new clients to Quanta and continues to seek out new companies and recruitment opportunities. 

“I’ve seen the Quanta team grow from 20 to more than 80 people”

Ten years have brought with them plenty of change. Alex’s journey at Quanta has included an office relocation, the addition of new sectors, enormous team growth and colleagues progressing their careers. He’s also witnessed office romance blossom between fellow Quantarians and some exceptional Quanta social events including celebrations in Celtic Manor, London and Portugal! Perhaps his biggest highlight has been winning and developing a key client account in the form of the United Nations, eventually becoming that organisation’s number one partner for IT recruitment services and making great friends with management and contractors along the way. 

“The recruitment market has become more congested, yet Quanta has prevailed”

Since Alex joined in 2010, recruitment has grown at a rapid pace. With more recruitment agencies on the market, especially within the UK’s IT sector, it’s harder for some agencies to secure business and turn a profit, yet Quanta has continued to excel. Alex has seen Quanta expand its services to become truly international and diversify its service offering. 

“In my sector alone I’ve enjoyed recruiting people into exciting roles in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany and I know my colleagues have gone as far as Australia, China and the Bahamas!” he says. 

Alex and Quanta are now preparing for Brexit and IR35, both of which will present new challenges to the recruitment industry that Quanta is well prepared for.

“The IT sector has had its fair share of changes”

Alex specialises in the IT sector which he says has gone through a big shift in the last 10 years. He points to a move from more conventional development roles to newer technologies like O365, Azure and AWS cloud technology with implementation and migration projects coming thick and fast. The pace of change is significant and Alex is currently aligning his focus to current trends in addition to ever important technical areas such as data centres, unified communications and information security. He’s come a long way since joining Quanta when he admits his technological expertise was limited, but he now loves the market saying the candidates are great to deal with and there’s always a lot going on and new skills to pick up.

“Quanta is an alternative to standard recruitment companies in terms of work environment and culture”

The location of Quanta’s offices can’t be beaten, says Alex, but there are other reasons he’s stuck around at Quanta for so long. He notes that while Quanta is a sales-focused company, you’re not being pressured to hit targets and you’re not let go if you miss them. He has experience of this, as in 2011 his main client stopped recruiting and there were few new clients on the horizon. Worried about his future, Alex was relieved to find that Quanta were supportive and stuck with him, and soon after he started a new partnership with the UN that has since become one of Quanta’s main customers. 

Finally, Alex says the people at Quanta help to keep him coming into work with a smile every day. “I’m extremely fortunate to work alongside a fantastic bunch in the RenewIT team and in Quanta as a whole. They do seem to be getting younger though….”

“I’m looking forward to growing the IT team at Quanta and taking on a leadership role”

In the future, Alex is looking forward to continuing to grow the ICT team, working closely with the Delivery Executives and engaging with more clients. His end goal is to make Quanta’s ICT function an even more important part of the business with more contractors working in the UK, Europe and the US.

A few words about Alex from his colleagues

“Working with Alex is honestly a pleasure. His knowledge, personality and wonderful nature make him one of the best individuals I have worked with in the last 10 years. He is a constant top biller year-on-year who seems to take the stresses and problems of recruitment completely in his stride.” – Ash, IT Principal Consultant

“Alex has a natural ability to build rapport with both clients and candidates, meaning that he has developed long lasting relationships - and often personal friendships - over the past 10 years. Alex has a good sense of humour, is reliable and patient, all qualities that he has further developed since becoming a father.” – Jo, Business Services Manager

Congratulations to Alex on a fun-filled 10 years!