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Are you ready for upcoming IR35 changes? See how Quanta can help you prepare.

Bhavna Dooman our consultant managing the role
Posted by Bhavna Dooman
Published on 24 March 2021

Contractor, freelancer, self-employed - whichever term suits you best, you need to know about the latest updates to the IR35 legislation . Chances are, you know about the upcoming changes. But, with the reform due to come into effect on 6 April, there’s just enough time to give you a refresher on how the new rules will impact you and what Quanta can do to help.

What is IR35?

The latest changes to off-payroll regulations were pushed back a year as employers grappled with the shift to remote working , virtually onboarding new employees, adopting new technologies, and the many other pandemic challenges. But, now the changes are just around the corner.

If you know about IR35 already, then you'll have heard the term "disguised employee". The primary reason these new changes are coming into effect is to crack down on tax avoidance. Many contractors and freelancers will use a limited company, such as a Personal Service Company (PSC), and therefore become a sole trader. By paying themselves through their own company, contractors or freelancers would automatically have fallen outside of IR35. The reform is taking a closer look at whether people are in fact inside IR35 and therefore subject to PAYE. The legislation can sound tricky, but if you look in the right places, you'll find all the information and help you need.

You can use an IR35 calculator to work out how much the changes could cost you.

Our partnership with Kingsbridge

We aim to give our candidates and clients all the information they need – it’s why we’re known for being more than a recruitment agency. So we put together an IR35 Q&A with industry expert Andy Vessey - Head of Tax at Kingsbridge. Kingsbridge is a contractor insurance company, established several years ago in response to changing laws. Andy and his team are experts in all things related to contractors or freelancers. It’s for this reason - and the fact that Kingsbridge is committed to excellence - that we formed this partnership. Like Quanta, they aim to deliver excellent service and help contractors access all the information they need.

How can Quanta help you?

When we look back at our proudest moments of 2020 , it’s easy to pick out our major successes. When actually, it’s all the small things that our colleagues do that defines us - like providing the best possible service to our candidates and clients. When the IR35 reform was announced, we mobilised a team that could cover all the questions and provide all the necessary resources.

We created an IR35 hub so that everything you need to know about the off-payroll regulations could be found in one place. We wanted to make the new changes as simple as possible, and we've enjoyed creating an IR35 webinar, hosting a Q&A with our in-house IR35 expert and creating helpful guides both for contractors and clients. We've made conscious efforts to assist all contractors and clients with any questions or concerns, which is why we've put together these guides. Download them to get all the answers and top advice about how you can prepare.

We’re here to help you prepare for the IR35 reform. Send us an email if you'd like to have a chat.