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A look back at our proudest moments in 2020 at Quanta

David Broome our consultant managing the role
Posted by David Broome
Published on 21 December 2020
2020 was a year of learning, where every company had to sit back, listen and reflect. The start of the year kicked off with the announcement of coronavirus and soon after most of the Quanta team was working from home and adapting to the “new normal”. As the year comes to a close, we’re taking a look at the challenges we rose to and the many opportunities for celebration. Here’s what 2020 has looked like for Quanta.

We opened two new offices

If this year has proved anything it’s that being agile and resilient is essential for any company. When we started our journey back in 1992 we always knew we wanted Quanta to become an international company, so the opening of two new offices in Boston and Dublin was a big moment and has got us really excited about what’s in store.

We celebrated our staff

This success wouldn’t have been possible without each and every member of the team which is why celebrating our staff is so important. In 2020, there were four big milestones within the Quanta team, starting with a remarkable 20 years from Wendy. Early in the year, Spencer Trigg reflected on his 15 years with the company, joking that if you counted the summer work he did in his teenage years, this would have been his 17th anniversary. Both Ben and Alex celebrated a decade at Quanta this year and took the time to reflect on how much has changed at the company in that time, and how they’ve grown with us.

Recognising our staff internally is great and receiving that recognition externally just shows what a great company we are. Which is why I was personally honoured to be named in The Top 100 Staffing Executives in Europe this year.

We continued donating

Hosting bake-offs and contributing money to the charity pot for certain tasks, like booking an interview, have always been a really important part of our culture of giving. 2020 was a difficult year because most of the team were working from home and raising money during a pandemic comes with its challenges, but we’re really proud to announce that this year the pot came to a total of £24,000. While we haven’t been able to host the usual fun events and all come together for our four charities - DENSThomley, The Swan Youth Project and the Pepper Foundation – we’re still looking back on this year as a success and we’re even more motivated to beat the total pot value next year.

Supporting our communities

This year we continued sponsoring Wendover Junior FC, which began in 2018, and we look forward to celebrating more wins with them in the future. And because it’s important that our support extends beyond our local communities, we supported Zoe Dunhill in her mobilisation with the Royal Navy to assist our country’s efforts in the fight against Covid-19. Quanta become one of the first recruitment consultancies to sign the Armed Forces Covenant last year which meant a commitment to help our employees like Zoe - who is a Royal Navy Reservist - succeed in commercial life.

Our transition to remote working

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 we made our office as safe as possible and opened it up to our staff when the restrictions allowed, but most of the Quanta team have spent the majority of the year working remotely. This was a strange transition for a team as sociable as ours but it’s reminded us how special our culture is and together we learnt more about balancing our personal and work life and how we could all support each other throughout the pandemic. The team have been great at calling up colleagues to make sure that no one goes a day without speaking to someone else and this is evidence of their commitment to making sure we keep our inclusive culture alive. Just as we have continued helping our clients hire throughout the pandemic, we also dipped our toes into virtual onboarding and welcomed several new team members this year.

2020 has definitely seen the Quanta team rise to the challenges and prove that we’re an adaptable company. We’ve never been prouder of how our people have pulled together to help our candidates and clients and we’re looking forward to building those relationships and creating new relationships in 2021.