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The life sciences skills you can transfer to your data centre jobs

Charlotte Clarke our consultant managing the role
Published on 17 June 2021

The world is changing and with it are the employment opportunities taking today’s applicants well into the next decade.

The Life Sciences industry will remain one of the most significant employers globally over the next ten years, according to the BIA (UK BioIndustry Association). But how about the data centre job market?

The data centre boom isn’t confined to one spot on the map. In fact, it’s sweeping across all corners of the globe, including Jakarta, Warsaw, Salt Lake City and Chennai. As data centres spring up in new locations, they set off the demand for data centre technicians, site managers and principle mechanical engineers, among other knowledgeable staff. A recent report predicts that by 2025, the global demand for these data centre professionals will hit 2.3 million .

Let’s go back to basics and answer the question, what is the life science industry exactly to see how you can transfer your skills to a data centre job?

What is the life science industry?

Life Sciences is a forward-thinking industry with aggressive growth goals that work in a worldwide market. It's about innovation, collaboration and pushing boundaries.

There are many skills that make a person suited for a career in life sciences, one of the top life sciences skills for 2021 being digital. It’s not hard to see how this particular skill could give you a leg up in the data centre job market. But what other skills are in the mix?

Transferable skills you can take to a data centre

Transferable talents evolve throughout your career, so it's important to understand what they are and establish goals to improve them to advance your career.

Soft skills that will be critical to company success may vary depending on the market and economic conditions. Then there are transferable talents that are important at all levels.

With all this in mind, here are some of the most in-demand transferable abilities required for any data centre job.


Communication is essential in any role, whereas effective communication is critical. To hone this skill, start making a list of workplace situations when you overcame a difficult situation through verbal or non-verbal communication. Future employers want to know that individuals can express ideas to everyone in the organisation and understand other people’s perspectives.

Planning and organisation

Being able to prioritise tasks and excellent time management are essential skills for any career. Individuals will need to prove their administrative abilities to perform to their full potential and flourish in a new position.

Enthusiasm and motivation

When an employer brings a new team member on board, they’re investing in this person. Therefore, they want to see that the candidate is enjoying their work and is dedicated to achieving a successful and fulfilling career. Lack of motivation and enthusiasm is not an option if you want to progress.

Always take the initiative

It’s beneficial to use initiative in work. An employer wants to know that a candidate is capable of making decisions. Start small and proceed with caution; you have your entire life to build your skills. While taking the initiative is admirable, it’s not good to be off the starting blocks too quick.

Collaboration and teamwork

Any company will be looking to see if a potential candidate can collaborate with their other employees to complete a task. To demonstrate to a potential employer that collaboration and communication are priorities, work in a team and communicate with people from all departments within the organisation. Plus, there’s the added bonus of showing your employer that you can help to break down any departmental silos.

Are you ready to make the transition from life sciences to data centres?

Now that you know just what skills you need to make your transition from life sciences to data centres, what are you waiting for?

The booming digital cloud economy is transforming businesses, and we can help you become a part of this new world. Our specialist consultants are always on the lookout for fresh talent to fill our data centres roles across the UK, US, Nordics and APAC regions.

It’s just a matter of applying for a position that will make the most of the life science skills you’ve got under your belt. Browse our current data centre jobs and take control of your future.