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Why our award-winning recruitment training programmes will help you succeed

Kate Davis our consultant managing the role
Posted by Kate Davis
Published on 15 July 2021

When you’re looking for a job in the recruitment a great Learning and Development programme may or may not be on the top of your “must haves” list. But at Quanta, training is something we pride ourselves on and every Sales Consultant and Delivery Executive partake in our Fast Track Programmes to help them excel within their roles. And we have every reason to be proud, in 2018 we won a Princess Royal Training Award for our exceptional programmes.

What is a Fast Track Programme?

Organised and hosted by our Learning and Development team – Emma, Catherine and Debbie, our three training programmes each have a main focus of supporting team members in delivery, sales or leadership roles. Each programme helps team learn and improve their skills, prepare them for any challenges they may face and also teach them ways to manage their day-to-day tasks.

Fast Track to Delivery Executive (FT2DE): Predominantly for new Delivery Executives and is suitable for team members with or without prior recruitment or sales experience.

Fast Track to Sales (FT2S): For Sales Consultants that are new to Quanta, for Delivery Executives who are embarking on their journey into a Sales Consultant role and for existing Sales Consultants.

Fast Track to Future Leadership (FT2FL): For new or existing managers with or due to have line management responsibilities.

"I have been fortunate to go through both the Fast Track to Sales and now currently the Fast Track to Future Leadership programmes. Fast Track to Sales was great as even though I had sales and recruitment experience prior to joining Quanta I was able to hone existing skills and learn Quanta’s way of doing things. Fast Track to Future Leadership is underway at the moment and I am really enjoying learning more about myself as an individual and how I can use my experience along with new skills to be an effective leader to support the growth of colleagues, their careers and Quanta" - Matt Bowles, Principal Consultant

What skills can the team learn on the programmes?

Each Fast Track programme includes a wide variety of modules with skills that they can apply to their individual role.

FT2DE includes:

-        Our in-depth candidate qualification process and questioning techniques

-        Rapport building

-        Negotiation skills

-        Objection handling

-        Time management

FT2S includes:

-        Business development calls

-        Client meetings

-        Emotional Intelligence

-        Forecasting

-        Pitching and presentation skills

FT2FL includes:

-        Team building

-        Setting the direction and vision

-        Team reviews and reporting

-        Coaching skills

-        Managing a team remotely

There are also refresher modules offered and team members can request to be added if they feel they need to sharpen a particular skill or, if there’s a particular point they want to focus on 1-2-1 they arrange a SMART time session. 

“I found Debbie’s call handling useful, especially when speaking to candidates who don’t want to give too much away. It’s helped me encourage them to open up by asking those open questions.”  - Alex Mead, Delivery Executive

Is it just the Sales Consultants and Delivery Executives that attend the Fast Track programmes?

Many skills are transferrable from role to role, and we see team members from all over the business taking part in a range of modules such as: Objection handling, Time Management and Emotional Intelligence. We want all of our team members to feel that they are equipped with the tools for the job and to keep learning and growing throughout their careers.

How has Covid19 affected the Fast Track Programme sessions ?

Like many other aspects of the business – team celebrations, recruiting, meetings and onboarding – our Learning and Development team have had to go virtual with the Fast Track programmes.

By using Microsoft Teams, this has enabled us to continue to deliver these successfully. The sessions are limited to one a day for a duration of 2 hours max virtually to keep them as engaging as possible.

How long are the programmes and how do they fit around workloads?  

The programmes are a little longer when completing virtually. The courses are currently:

-        11 weeks for Fast Track to Delivery Executive - 3 sessions per week (over 3 days)

-        14 weeks for Fast Track to Sales – 3 sessions per week (over 3 days)

-        21 weeks for Fast Track to Future Leadership – 1 session per week

 Workloads are easily managed and planned around the programme as each session is scheduled weeks in advance to give team members enough time to allow for this time out of their working day. 

“Completing the program whilst working allowed me to implement some of the skills I was learning straight away. This meant I wasn’t forgetting what I had learnt prior to finishing the course.” - Amy Baxter, Principal Consultant

We are currently hiring Trainee Sales Consultants and Sales Consultants, so if you would like to join us and take our award-winning fast track programme check out how to join our team or contact Joanna for more details.