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Top pharmaceutical jobs in 2023

Marcin Buczakowski our consultant managing the role
Published on 12 December 2022

The pharmaceutical industry is filled with diverse career opportunities. There are various pathways that you can work within - be it in research, development, discovery, manufacture, regulatory affairs, sales or marketing. It is a tremendously important and steadily growing industry that’s global revenue in 2021 reached $1.42 trillion US dollars. Even within the current state of a sluggish economy, the pharmaceutical industry is bucking the trend of layoffs and departmental downsizes, with even more pharmaceutical jobs being added to the market. 

man in safety goggles and mask holding up and inspecting a petri dish

In 2023, a job in pharmaceuticals is possibly one of the most reliable careers that you can have – and here are some of the top roles for you to apply to in the coming year.

CQV Jobs

Even in the face of a global recession, the need for quality healthcare means that investments in pharmaceuticals are on the up. Specifically, investment is being directed into capital expenditure projects, constructing new build facilities as well as advanced digital infrastructure. Here is where the role of a CQV Engineer is really important, as they will oversee the correct installation of equipment and ensure that the facility and systems are fit to produce safe and effective drugs.

CSV Engineer – an overlooked, but lucrative pathway emerging in pharmaceuticals is that of a CSV Engineer. Computerized System Validation engineers are in charge of testing, validating and qualifying regulated computerized systems and the digital infrastructure involved in modern day pharmaceutical facilities. As the industry continues to innovate, automated systems and digital tools are becoming an absolute requirement to modernise processes and procedures. As such, the knowledge and skills of a CSV Engineer are becoming increasingly valuable and CSV Engineer jobs are expected to soar in 2023.

Quality Assurance jobs

Quality assurance always has and always will play an incredibly important role in pharmaceuticals. Because of its influence on public health, the industry is highly regulated and requires accuracy and precision. To drive this, we are seeing the introduction of new technologies to speed up processes, enhance reliability and minimise the risk of human error. Nowadays, the nature of Quality Assurance jobs are evolving to encompass such technical skills. In 2023, the industry will be seeking new talent that can work compatibly and expertly alongside tools such as artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. So, if you are experienced in quality assurance and have good knowledge of computer systems and sophisticated technologies, there could not be a better time to look for your next contract in the field.

Pharmacovigilance jobs

Since covid-19, pharmacovigilance has been thrust into the spotlight. The general public are now more aware than ever before of how healthcare products are regulated and the ways that they can report risks or request information (see the yellow card scheme). What was once considered a ‘back office’ role, the job of a pharmacovigilance officer is finally getting the recognition for the important work they do in serving and protecting public health. But an increased demand for information, and more data being submitted from a more curious set of consumers has forced the field to innovate faster than ever before. Artificial intelligence systems and other advanced technology are being gradually introduced to help breakdown, analyse and record patterns at speed, and because of this, drug safety experts with advanced tech skills are highly sought. The global industry is poised to reach an estimated worth of $16 billion by 2030, almost doubling its 2021 value, meaning that a career in pharmacovigilance is an incredibly exciting place to be throughout the next decade.

The yellow card scheme used to help the public report their vaccination side effects meant a huge increase in the volume of data that pharmacovigilance teams were receiving.

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There are many exciting career pathways to be discovered in the pharmaceutical industry in 2023. As a field that continues to revolutionise public health, at Quanta, we know it is an exciting and important place to be. We help place candidates within in their dream contract and permanent roles every day. If you are looking to build yourself a new career, get in touch with us today, or scroll our latest pharmaceutical jobs here.