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5 reasons why 2022 is the year for Women in Tech

Charlotte Clarke our consultant managing the role
Published on 28 April 2022

Currently, IT jobs are some of the most highly coveted careers in the world. In comparison to other industries, the jobs pay well, have extensive growth opportunities and offer great flexibility.

Whilst there remains a major gender imbalance in the industry, the female presence in the Tech sector is growing. Not only can the careers be incredibly rewarding and offer identifying women great prospects but reports also show that more women in tech roles would benefit the UK economy by over £2.6 billion each year.

As the larger companies in the tech game are becoming savvier to the benefits of greater diversity in the workforce, there could not be a better time get your career started in tech. Here are 5 reasons why 2022 is the year for women in tech:

Salaries are on the rise

The gender pay gap is systemic, universal and exists across industries. However, research shows that progress is being made when it comes to paying women equally. Across the board, the gap among full-time employees fell from 9.0% to 7.4% which is only more notable within tech roles. In 2020, reports observed a narrowing from 4.4% to 2.5%. It comes as bigger tech businesses are showing an eagerness to promote a culture of diversity, with some huge players such as Intel and Adobe pledging to pay the same salary to male and female counterparts performing the same role.

Career progression

As attitudes towards women in tech are starting to change and better recognition is being given from the business sector, wider opportunities are being offered to women. A survey of 1500 women working in technology found more than half of those aged 18 – 39 reported good opportunities to advance their career. Finally, women are starting to be rewarded for what they bring to the table in their IT and tech jobs. Whilst elevating women into senior and management roles remains an issue, there are signs of positive movement in the field with the IDC reporting a growth from 21% to 24% of women in senior IT leadership positions in 2019.

Companies are backing diversity

Companies that promote diversity perform better, have greater engagement, higher retainment levels, and are more profitable, as found a McKinsey report in 2020. As the business world has started switching onto the significant benefits of a diverse workforce, some of technology’s biggest players pledging to make a change. Google, Apple and Facebook are some of the biggest names leading the charge to improve the future of women in IT, and numerous companies are striving for gender parity by employing more female colleagues. As the gender gap is predicted to continually narrow through 2022, there has never been a better time to start or elevate your career as a woman in tech.

Flexible working

If there is one industry that is suited to remote and flexible working, it’s the digital and technology world. Flexibility in roles, including hybrid and remote working policies are a product of the pandemic that are benefiting women, and they are here to stay. Research found 56% of women left their tech jobs mid-career as a result of the ‘motherhood penalty’, but now, it is being made possible to have a career in tech without having to sacrifice family time to get there.

Drive the change for future generations

The future of women in tech is promising, but it relies on the IT industry’s ability to inspire young women. To drive this change, women role models are needed. Across the world, some incredible non-profit organisations are leading the movement to get more women into STEM professions. With research showing that the number of young girls interested in STEM subjects doubles when they have female role models, it is clear that being a woman in IT is a powerful position to inspire the younger generation. Things are starting to change, but much work is still needed to achieve gender parity in tech – and you can be part of the movement.

Here are just a few of the most sought-after tech jobs out there at the moment:

System Administrator

Network Technician

Cloud Engineers

Project Manager

Cyber Security Analysts

Database Administrators

Service Desk

Application Support

Become a Woman in Tech in 2022

At Quanta, we are proud of our diverse workforce, and value the wonderful women that make up half of our team. Are you looking to start or develop your tech career? Our specialist IT recruitment teams are well versed in providing excellent career guidance and are on hand to get you started in the IT or tech of your dreams. Check out our latest IT jobs or get in touch with us today.