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Your checklist before applying for your next life sciences job

Megan Luxford our consultant managing the role
Posted by Megan Luxford
Published on 4 April 2022

A career in life science leaves many options and choices with great opportunities for change. This is because it’s a booming industry with no shortage of job options across the globe. Partially fuelled by the Covid-19 pandemic, a report by TEConomy Partners, LLC found that more than 2.53 million unique life sciences job postings were created over the past 5 years in the US alone. This is good news for life science candidates who are looking for interesting and challenging career paths.

If you’re one of these candidates, then know that there are exciting times ahead! Data, AI, and machine learning are bringing new potential to the life sciences industry with accelerated growth for the future. In fact, a recent report by Science Industry Partnership (SIP) illustrates that an average of 133,000 jobs will be created within the next decade.

But before you start sending out your CV, we suggest you take some time preparing yourself for your next role so that you have more success landing your dream job.

Make sure your qualifications are up to scratch

Most life sciences careers require a professional qualification such as a Ph.D. or MD. However, there a bachelor’s degree may be enough to apply for a role as an assistant while you complete your education. Before you apply for your next life sciences job, make sure that your qualifications meet the criteria and that your knowledge of the job you’re interested in is up to scratch.

Tip: Attend life sciences exhibitions, conferences, and events to keep current, and add any additional workshops or courses you’ve attended to your CV.

Are your life sciences skills up to par?

Apart from a life sciences qualification, it’s important that you have other skills to improve your role. For example, communication will help improve productivity, digital skills will help with your innovation, and leadership qualities will give you a boost up the career ladder.

Make sure that you have the top life sciences skills that will take you into the future so that your application is up to par with developing industry trends (many recruiters will be looking out for your unique set of “extras” that you can bring to their companies).

Do you have a professional, updated CV?

Make sure that you have a clean and professional CV that highlights all your past and recent qualifications, experiences, and skills. Avoid essay-type CVs that are hard to read and, instead, use headings and bulleted points to highlight your achievements and abilities. Lastly, remember to proofread your CV before you send in your application to make sure all the information is correct and that there are no spelling, grammar, or typing errors.

Tip: When you apply for a specific role at a company, spend some time tailoring your CV so that it fits the specified requirements of the company you’re applying to.

Are you ready to tackle interviews?

Interviews can be daunting but if you’re prepared, then you’re more likely to approach them confidently. During the job application process, take time to thoroughly research the company conducting the interview. Research shows that 47% of applicants failed a job interview because they didn’t know enough about the company they applied to.

Take a look at the company’s website to familiarise yourself with their history and what they do. There will often be a mission statement which can help you get a sense of the company culture and the core values they may expect too. By conducting some pre-interview research, you’ll know more about the company and the role, and feel more in control.

Find your next life sciences job with Quanta

Quanta is a professional life sciences recruitment agency dedicated to making a positive impact on health and life science sectors across the globe. We’re always on the lookout for passionate, professional candidates to connect to our available job positions so that we can provide our clients with the very best employees for their companies.

No matter how many years of experience you have in life sciences, or if you’re still busy completing your qualification, our team at Quanta can help. Contact us today and we’ll gladly be of assistance – or browse our life sciences jobs to see if anything appeals to you.