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Why you should consider working in Energy from Waste

Nathan Mann our consultant managing the role
Posted by Nathan Mann
Published on 29 June 2022

Energy from Waste (EfW) is one of the most exciting markets in the renewable energy industry today. The sector is receiving rapid growth and investment, and across the globe, multiple countries are recognising its value. In fact, 3000 EfW plants are expected to be in operation by 2030 and currently the Energy from Waste job market is hot.

Energy from Waste is the conversion of non-recyclable, residual waste into usable energies mostly through incineration processes. Whilst it has received some controversy, EfW technology is largely recognised for its benefits it has in securing a greener future, in our economy and its career potential.

Intrigued? We’ve laid out four fantastic reasons why you should consider an Energy from Waste job.

Help fight climate change

EfW technology is a widely recognised strategy that can help mitigate climate change. In 2019, the UK government became the first major economy in the world to set a ‘net zero’ gas emissions target.  In response, the Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs assembled a Resources and Waste Strategy that names Waste to Energy facilities as a key tool to achieve this. Unlike landfilling, EfW technology does not produce methane – a primary contributor to a hazardous air pollutants and greenhouse gasses. Instead, waste to energy facilities provide a safe way of addressing our waste problem, whilst generating clean energy. In fact, energy from waste is the only means of energy generation that minimises greenhouse gas emissions, making it an essential driver in our fight against climate change.

The Energy from Waste market is growing

Limited availability for landfill sites alongside the steady growth of population and city size are all helping grow the EfW market. Without the space to dispose, and waste levels growing every year, the world is looking to new environmentally friendly technologies as a solution.

On top of this, changes within consumer behaviour patterns are influencing the way we handle waste materials. Environmental consciousness plays an important factor in society today; single use products are being swapped for recyclables, and landfill replaced with EfW facilities. The Waste to Energy market growth is not expected to slow down in the UK anytime soon, either; budget cuts to local authority have slowed recycling rates so demand for incineration and EfW technologies are surging. If career stability plays an important part in your job searching, the Waste to Energy industry might be for you.

Transferable Industry

The renewable energy sector in general affords great crossover between specialisms, but in waste to energy jobs, a large amount of work can be found within engineering, manufacturing and operations roles – allowing great scope for a career move. Transferable experience and skills can be brought across from most other heavy process plants because of the similarity between equipment, procedures and processes. When it comes to the commissioning and installation of energy from waste plants, industry experience in mission critical sectors such as pharmaceuticals, power plants, and data centres also give a good foot in the door. If you are thinking of transferring into an operations position, a background in alternative energy production or other renewables plant will could be the bridge into your new Energy from Waste career.

Global Opportunities

Energy from Waste jobs can take you around the world. Globally, there are around 2500 plants in operation, and European countries are particular hotspots for Waste to Energy activities. Locations further afield that are readily harnessing the power of the technology include Japan, US and China, all of which offer unique and diverse opportunities to live and work. If your dream destination is a place in the sun, Australia has an emerging EfW market, finally taking the plunge in 2019 and commissioning their first Waste to Energy plant as a response to a growing recycling crisis.

Land your next role in EfW

Working in Energy from Waste has a myriad of benefits ready to claim – but how do you make the career move? At Quanta, we have a dedicated Energy from Waste recruitment team who are experts in supporting candidates find their perfect role across the globe. Get in touch with us today, or check out our current Energy from Waste jobs, or wider Renewable Energy jobs to get started on your new career move.