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Celebrating Andrew Hale's 10th anniversary

Andrew Hale our consultant managing the role
Posted by Andrew Hale
Published on 19 August 2022

We’re celebrating another fantastic milestone at Quanta, this time it’s Andrew Hale who’s celebrating his 10th anniversary at Quanta. Andy has established himself as an integral cog in the Quanta team and has shown exceptional dedication and commitment to the team since joining.

We spoke to Andy and some of his colleagues to learn about what he brings to the team and why he’s stayed with Quanta all these years.

When did you join Quanta and why?

I joined Quanta back in August 2012, and fundamentally it was the balance in the role that really drew me to the company. Loads of roles in IT are specific to support, or programming for example, but with this role I was offered a broad spectrum of responsibilities. There were only roughly 30 members of staff at Quanta when I joined, so there was a lot for me to do which really appealed to me. 

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – well actually, it was 10 years and a few hundred yards down the street, Andy joined us as our padawan IT Support and Development Technician.  

Over the past 10 years, Andy has been on a truly epic journey, battling through many a project, using his powers to create new systems, pursued by many an evil IT virus! He is our custodian of all Q’s technology platforms and only he can maintain balance in Q’s technological galaxy!

Andy, I salute you for your incredible and positive contributions to our business; your dry, brilliant sense of humour; and your Jedi mind tricks over the past 10 years to get the best deals possible!

You are a true Jedi, we would simply not be the business we are today without you!

In my eyes, you are the Yoda of Quanta’s Jedi!” - Spencer Trigg

What is your role at Quanta?

Well, the joke answer that I like to give is that if there plug or a wire loose then it generally falls under my remit; so pretty much a bit of everything. We are a team of two here in the IT department, so we’re helping to support the business in any way that we can. 

That can span from helping with the technology that we use, such as phones and laptops to supporting projects with the new software that we bring in. Fundamentally, a lot of what we are doing is improving our own processes so that we can help the business achieve its goals. We hope that the work we do can help Quanta offer an improved service to our candidates and clients.

“I work directly with Andy and he is top-notch. He is very genuine, supportive and a dark horse when it comes to comedy and his presentations! I am very glad I joined this company last year, he helps a lot!” - Shay Steers

What do you love most about your job?

For the most part, I really enjoy the variety of my role. There are loads of things that can pop up and it’s always exciting to deal with a range of different tasks. There’s also loads of autonomy as well, and I really feel that my views are valued. For example, if I believe there is a certain task that requires a specific angle, I believe that my opinion is respected and trusted.

Of course, there is also a fantastic team here that makes each day enjoyable. Our operations team is the biggest it's been since I’ve been here and one of the best groups that I have worked with. The wider Quanta team in general are fantastic and really makes the company a brilliant place to work. 

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Andy for 10 years now (doesn’t time fly!). He’s incredibly talented, hardworking and knowledgeable. He is extremely dedicated to Quanta and the team, and he cares deeply about the service he provides (which is first class!).  And it’s not just all IT and service, Andy has the whole company in stitches with any presentation he delivers to the business – filled with hilarious GIFS and dry humour. 

We are very lucky to have Andy as part of our Quanta family. Here’s to the next 10 years!” - Lauren Potter

What is your proudest moment at Quanta so far?

In general, I’m proud of all the projects I and the rest of the IT team have delivered for the business. I’ll never forget our director Spencer telling me they needed us for a few hours to help with some website testing, which ultimately led to a few months of testing. That was all great fun though! 

I’ve got two moments that I’m really proud of and the first is navigating the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. We had to work really quickly to get everyone set up to work from home, and at the same time, we were installing a new phone system. That was a massive challenge that we managed to achieve with some hard work and team cooperation. 

Secondly, back in 2014 when we moved to our current office, we had to ensure that everything was set up perfectly which was a huge operation. It’s quite a big deal to move offices and we did it in a very short time frame; two or three months if I remember correctly. 

The good thing after that was I was quite critical of my own work and started picking out things that we could have done better. However, when my colleagues started to talk to me about previous office moves that they had experienced, it was reassuring to know that I had done a good job and ensured that everyone could immediately do their job in the new office. 

"Andy is the king of IT, master of the server room and hoarder of champagne at Quanta! A solid presence within the Operations Team and can always be relied upon.  His company presentations are legendary, as is his deadpan humour!  It is a pleasure to work alongside him, a much loved member of the team." - Joanna Belmar

Where have you seen the Quanta values in action?

To be honest, I see Quanta’s values almost every day and in every department. We have colleagues that will happily sacrifice their own time, even when it’s not their own responsibility, to help people out. The team at Quanta are always going the extra mile to help out candidates, clients and their colleagues and it’s really refreshing to see. 

Also, we love to celebrate achievements and the whole team is always quick to show appreciation when a colleague has contributed something great to the company. It’s always important that people feel that their work is recognised, and that’s something I see all the time at Quanta. You can clearly see that everyone enjoys what they do and we all have a big smile on our faces in the office. 

“Andy has been a pleasure to work with over the past 3.5 years. Along with his hilariously dry sense of humour, he is always on hand to help whenever you need it. He continues to go above and beyond for the IT department and Quanta as a whole even if it means spending his weekends in the office!” - Charlotte Attwood 

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of joining the Quanta team?

I feel that Quanta is a great mix of a big company and a small company. It still has a very family-orientated feel, and we all get along so well. For anyone that wants to work in an environment that really values the team, be helped by your colleagues, and also have the opportunity to use their expertise to help others, then Quanta is the place for them. 

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