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What is it Like to Work in a Data Centre?

Charlotte Clarke our consultant managing the role
Published on 30 October 2023

Working in a data centre can be a unique and rewarding experience. But what are data centres? Data centres are critical facilities that house and manage computer systems, servers, networking equipment, and other infrastructure necessary for processing and storing digital data. Globally, there are approximately 8,000 data centres (5,375 of which are in the USA) and the market is continuously growing. So, if you are considering a career in Data Centres, we explore what it’s like to work in one.

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Around-the-Clock Operation

Data centres operate 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that employees often work in shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays. The need for continuous operation is because many digital services and data must be always available to users.


Roles and Skills

Data centres have a large range of roles, each contributing to the facility's operation, with opportunities to climb the ladder and grow a diverse skillset. At Quanta we recruit roles for various areas within data centres. These roles include:

  • IT leadership
  • Systems and infrastructure management
  • Construction
  • Technical support
  • Design & engineering
  • Network and communications oversight
  • Operations

Have a look at our Skills Matrix within Data Centres for a more detailed breakdown of the roles within Data Centres at Quanta.

Daily Activities

A significant portion of a data centre technician's day is dedicated to monitoring the performance and health of servers and the facility. This includes keeping an eye on data storage, power consumption, temperature, and security. Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping the data centre in optimal condition. This maintenance can involve hardware upgrades, installing software patches, and ensuring the physical infrastructure is well-maintained.

When issues arise, data centre personnel are the first responders. They are responsible for diagnosing and resolving issues, such as hardware failures, network outages, or security breaches, to ensure minimal disruption to services.

Working environment

Data centres are typically maintained at controlled temperature and humidity levels to ensure that equipment runs efficiently and reliably. However, this environment can be loud due to the constant humming of servers and cooling systems.

Data centre equipment is very expensive, but the most valuable thing in a data centre is the data itself. For reference, the UK’s data economy was worth £73 billion in 2018. This means security is a big priority.

Data Centres at Quanta

At Quanta, we are experts at uniting the perfect candidate to the perfect role. If working at a data centre is the career for you, we have lots of data centre roles alongside professional recruitment services. Get in touch today to land your perfect role.