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The Top 10 Data Centre Companies to Watch in 2024

Hugo Dawson our consultant managing the role
Posted by Hugo Dawson
Published on 29 December 2023

Are you seeking insights into the top data centre companies shaping 2024's digital landscape? Look no further.

In our rapidly advancing digital era, data centres stand as the foundational pillars supporting our technological endeavours. As businesses rely increasingly on data-driven operations, the role of leading data centre companies becomes ever more pivotal. In no particular order, let's explore the top 10 data centre companies leading the charge in 2024 and the remarkable contributions that secure their positions.

Vantage Data Centres

Vantage Data Centres have a remarkable record of delivering sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. They focus on high-density campuses, ensuring scalability and reliability. With multiple data centres exceeding 100MW in size. Vantage stands as a pioneer in hyperscale infrastructure, catering to the evolving needs of cloud service providers and enterprise customers.

Cloud HQ

Cloud HQ's commitment to data sovereignty and security sets them apart. They've earned acclaim for their innovative encryption technologies and robust compliance frameworks. Their scalable cloud solutions prioritise data protection, meeting stringent regulatory requirements across diverse industries.


Digital Realty

Digital Realty operates a global network of interconnected data centres, strategically positioned in major metropolitan areas. Their emphasis on sustainability includes achieving LEED certifications for numerous facilities. Digital Realty's focus on offering a wide range of interconnected ecosystems caters to diverse customer needs.


CyrusOne is renowned for its high-performance computing capabilities, particularly in hyperscale environments. Their commitment to sustainability extends to achieving ambitious renewable energy goals across their data centre portfolio. Their facilities frequently incorporate innovative cooling technologies, enhancing energy efficiency. Their current focus is on AI Data Centre Solutions and goal to be Climate Neutral by 2030.



Equinix's interconnected data centres form the backbone of the digital economy, facilitating direct and secure interconnection between businesses globally. Their Equinix Fabric™ platform simplifies connectivity for enterprises, enhancing agility and performance. Equinix's commitment to sustainable practices includes leveraging renewable energy sources across its operations.


NTT stands out for its holistic approach to data centre services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions encompassing colocation, cloud, and managed services. Their global footprint includes data centres designed with advanced security measures, ensuring data integrity and compliance with industry standards.


Global Switch, Inc.

Switch's commitment to sustainability includes achieving 100% renewable energy for their data centres. Their high-density designs and patented cooling technologies contribute to industry-leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings. Switch’s Tier 5 Platinum data centres offer unprecedented levels of reliability and security.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS’s global infrastructure includes regions and availability zones worldwide. They’ve pioneered numerous cloud services, such as Amazon S3 for storage and Amazon EC2 for computing. AWS continues to invest in renewable energy projects, aiming for net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure’s hybrid solutions integrate seamlessly with on-premises infrastructure, providing businesses with flexibility and scalability. Their emphasis on AI and machine learning services within their data centres empowers customers with advanced analytics capabilities. Microsoft has set ambitious sustainability goals, aiming to be carbon-negative by 2030.


Google Cloud

Google Cloud leads in innovative infrastructure and AI-driven solutions. Their data centres incorporate advanced cooling technologies, reducing water consumption and environmental impact. Google’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their achievement of matching 100% of their energy use with renewable energy purchases.


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