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5 reasons you should consider contracting in Denmark

Hannah Smith our consultant managing the role
Posted by Hannah Smith
Published on 17 April 2023

For contractors looking to land an international opportunity, we encourage you to look no further than Denmark. With some of the world’s highest pay rates, best quality of life ratings and a world class life sciences industry, this stunning and slow-living Scandinavian country has everything you need for a fulfilling professional and personal life. 

Some of the highest wages are in Denmark

Danish salaries are – on average – the 5th highest in the world. Because of the way that the country’s tax system works, the biggest earners pay a higher income tax which helps to keep income inequality in the country at a minimum. And even entry-level jobs in the service industries offer comparatively high wages to the rest of the word.

One of the reasons that Denmark pay its workers well is because the country has some of the highest levels of tax. But don’t let this discourage you– this tax money is fairly distributed to social and public services that you can benefit from working in the country.

Quality of life is a big deal for Danes

Of course, income is an important factor when it comes to sourcing your next contract – and the money paid in Denmark is substantial. But flexibility and work life balance are being prioritised far more by the modern-day workforce, which Denmark are way ahead of.

Not only does the welfare state in Denmark benefit the population – and international contractors - with excellent access to services, it reinforces a sense of community and responsibility to social welfare. Their relaxed and informal working culture also means that the Danish are free to place more emphasis on sources of enjoyment in their lives – which is easy to do in picture-perfect Denmark. Their relaxed way of living is so renowned it’s even given its own name. ‘Hygge’ describes the action of taking time away from life’s daily rushes, enjoying quiet pleasures in the company of loved ones. It’s easy to see why they’re consistently voted the second happiest nation on earth.

Denmark is known for its excellent working conditions

The Danes are well known for relaxed working culture, and most people in the country don’t simply ‘live to work’. They keep their working hours to a strict 37-hour week and fill their free time with personal endeavours. And employers support this.

Staying past 5pm is an absolute rarity, and during summer months you’re likely to find some offices closed for extended periods of time. This is because every employee is entitled to 5 weeks holiday pay which they are encouraged to take. Denmark’s labour laws are some of the most forward-thinking in the world and even make a great deal of space for working mothers. Flexible working extended maternity and paternity, and discounted costs on day-care (taking into consideration lower income workers) all make having a child and a career very easy to achieve.

The Danish pharmaceutical market is soaring

Pharmaceuticals are Denmark’s biggest export, accounting for over 15.6% of trade in 2022. Its geographical location makes it a key distribution point for the whole of Europe, and large medical companies are recognising the country’s power in the global life sciences scene. In fact, subsidiaries of most of the major international life sciences companies are in Denmark, with investment continuing due to the government’s new life sciences strategy.

Denmark’s Life Sciences ecosystem is so fertile because of its excellent collaboration between government, private sector and academia, as well as straight forward ‘one point entry’ for clinical trials through Trial Nation. Not only is research and development one of its major strong suits, it’s also a hot destination for startups – adding 200 companies in the Eastern region since 2017 alone. Needless to say, it’s a thriving destination for research, pharmaceutical and medtech innovation, and the ideal destination for contractors looking to carve out a meaningful and lucrative career.

There is a high demand for skilled workers

With a life sciences industry growing from strength to strength, it comes as no surprise that job vacancies are on the rise.

But why contract here? The country provides very fertile ground for contractors to further their career within short- and long-term projects that are happening right now. And there has never been a better time to get a taste of Denmark. From April 1st 2023, the country has begun to loosen immigration laws as a way to fill growing vacancies – including lowering the minimum salary requirements, expanding work permit fast-track scheme and opening up more roles to non-EU residents.

In high demand right now are science, engineering, healthcare and IT professionals educated to degree level, as well as associate professionals and clerks in science and engineering.

Get yourself a contract in Denmark

Specialising in international recruitment across the life sciences industry, Quanta are here to help you find your dream contract in Denmark. We’re currently supporting some of the most exciting projects in the country, so rest assured our consultants and contracts and compliance team are well versed in the logistics to make your career move a success. Reach out to the team today or check out our latest life sciences jobs vacancies here.